3 Reasons to Buy Refurbished Phones Over New Phones


We all love our shiny, brand-new phones. They are the latest and greatest, and they promise to offer some of the best mobile experiences possible. Unfortunately, most of these flagship phones are expensive, especially if one doesn't want to get locked into a contract. However, this hasn't stopped many consumers from trying to find ways to buy the latest phones at affordable prices, and one of the ways they do this is to purchase refurbished phones.

The refurbished phones market has seen a huge increase in activity over the past few years. More and more customers realise that such phones are just as good as their brand-new cousins. Plus, they are also a lot cheaper.

Are you on the fence about purchasing a refurbished phone? If so, here's why you should consider them!


1. Refurbished Phones Don't Lose as Much Value

One problem many people who purchase brand-new phones face is that their devices lose a lot of their value quickly. Why is this so? It is because a lot of the device's value, apart from its specs, comes from the fact that it is new. People are willing to pay a premium to buy a brand-new product. Unfortunately, the moment it is bought, that value disappears, and that's why so many new phones lose almost half their value in their first year. Refurbished phones do not have this problem, simply because they start much cheaper. This means that the value they lose will be much less significant, if not non-existent.


2. Refurbished Phones Are Better than Buying Second-Hand

You might think that second-hand phones are better than refurbished phones simply because of the word “refurbished.”. However, this is untrue. While the word "refurbished" may have a negative connotation, it actually means that the phone was restored to its former glory. In other words, a refurbished phone can be just near or just as good as its brand-new versions. Meanwhile, second-hand phones will not be put under that treatment. Even if they are treated well, age takes its toll, and parts like the battery will worsen.


3. Refurbished Phones Are an Overall Better Purchase Financially

If you take a step back and look at things economically, buying a refurbished phone makes much more sense than a brand-new one. While new phones are generally only "affordable" if you get into a contract, they still get expensive. This is because you pay small monthly payments for the contract length, which is around two years long. However, you end up paying for the phone in less than that! In other words, you end up paying more for a brand-new phone, even with a contract.

In Summary

Put simply, the reason you want to buy a refurbished phone is that not only is it just as good as its new counterpart, but they are a lot more affordable. Financially, it is a wise decision, and unless you have a lot of pocket money to spare or do not care, you should opt to purchase refurbished phones! That being said, many refurbished phone vendors offer insurance, warranties, and the like. These perks simply make buying a refurbished phone much more worth the money, and you can rest easy. You didn't have to spend as much on a brand-new phone!

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