Why Apple Charges Expensively For Repairs

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Suppose you've ever cracked your iPhone screen and had it repaired at an Apple Store. It's possible you were taken aback by the price. The price that Apple has set for iPhone screen repair is A$519—and that's not including tax. 

While that may seem reasonable, consider that you're also paying the shipping and handling fee by sending your phone to Apple. So why does Apple charge so expensively for repairs? 

1. In Exchange for a More Streamlined Design, There Is a Trade-off in Repairability

While the iPhone is easy to use and maintain, it can be hard to fix. For example, replacing the battery in an iPhone 6S requires paying A$79 for a new one.  

Moreover, If you want to add the various tools and equipment required for the replacement, you get a price of over $100. Getting the screen replaced on an iPhone 6S, in comparison, costs $129. While the price of replacing the screen is too high, Apple justifies the price by saying exchanging it would require a long wait time, which at its worst ranges from 1 to 2 weeks. 

2. When You Buy an iPhone, You're Paying to Play by Apple's Rules

It's unclear to the average consumer just what happens when you send a damaged iPhone to Apple for repair. 

You have to register your iPhone with Apple and buy the AppleCare+ protection plan. Also, you have to pay for shipping, which to the United States from China comes to around $5.

Then, the broken iPhone goes to China for the screen to be replaced. It goes to the United States for the iPhone to be approved again, and finally, it will be shipped back to you.

3. It Has Repair Procedures That Are One-Size-Fits-All

Like its mobile operating system, Apple wants to control how its devices are fixed. It doesn't want to leave too much room for error as a company. 

Furthermore, because Apple has so few repair locations worldwide, the company's repair staff can afford to focus on the most simple repairs rather than advanced ones. 

However, while some customers can't do it themselves and should instead take their devices to the local Apple store, there are also plenty of advanced, confident, and technically-minded Apple users who can fix their own devices just fine. And all of them have to pay a $129–$200 fee for the privilege of doing so. 

4. Customers Are Willing to Spend For It

When you are a wealthy entrepreneur, you have the money to spend to get your device repaired as fast as possible or at all. 

You're also a lot less worried about voiding your warranty. You have time to make sure that a repair is done perfectly, and you have the means to have it done. However, if you're not rich and need to replace your iPhone screen, you're paying for the Apple name and premium service.


The iPhone is among the most expensive smartphones to replace, and it's also among the most costly to repair. If you need to replace your screen, the price will not be the only factor you will have to consider.

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