iPhone Accidental Screen Damage—How Can You Avoid It?


Smartphone screens are incredibly fragile and can easily be damaged if improperly handled. Accidentally dropping your phone or placing it in your pocket with other items can cause serious damage to the screen and ruin your device. In this article, learn the most common ways one can damage their smartphone screen accidentally and how to do iPhone screen repair. 

Common Causes of Accidental Smartphone Screen Damage

Smartphones are far more fragile when compared to older, buttoned phones. They have glass or acrylic screens, which can be harmed by dampness, overheating chargers, and sporadically even sunlight.

Smartphone screens are the most vulnerable part of our devices and can be easily damaged if we don’t properly care for them. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and it’s important to be aware of the most common ways to damage a smartphone screen accidentally.

Smartphone screens are delicate and easily damaged. You can also find a repair shop or buy parts to fix an iPhone screen, and taking precautions to prevent screen damage is essential. Here are some of the common ways one can accidentally damage their smartphone screen:

  • Dropping the Phone: Dropping your phone is one of the most common ways to damage your screen. Even if you drop your phone from a short height, the impact can cause the screen to crack or shatter.
  • Sitting on Your Phone: Sitting on your phone may seem like an innocent mistake, but it can cause major damage to the screen. The pressure from your body weight can cause the glass to crack or shatter.
  • Keeping Your Phone in Your Pocket: Keeping your phone in your pocket can also cause damage to the screen. The keys and other objects in your pocket can scratch the screen or cause the glass to crack.
  • Using a Case That’s Too Thin: A case that is too thin won’t provide enough protection for your phone. If you drop your phone, the impact could cause the screen to crack or shatter.
  • Using a Case That’s Too Thick: A case that is too thick can also cause damage to your screen. It can cause pressure on the edges of the screen, resulting in cracks or shattered glass.
  • Not Cleaning the Screen Regularly: Not cleaning your screen regularly can cause dirt and dust to accumulate, which can cause scratches and scuffs on the screen.
  • Not Using a Screen Protector: A screen protector can help protect your screen from scratches and other damage. Without a screen protector, your screen is more likely to get damaged.

How to Protect Smartphone Screens from Accidental Damage

Fortunately, several ways exist to protect your smartphone’s screen from accidental damage.

1 - Invest in a Protective Case

Investing in a protective case is the most important way to protect your smartphone’s screen from accidental damage. Various cases are available, and they come in various materials, colours, and sizes. Select a case that will provide the best protection for your device and use it whenever you’re out and about.

2 - Use a Screen Protector

Another way to protect your smartphone’s screen from accidental damage is to use a screen protector. These are thin plastic covers that are placed on the device’s screen, and they offer an extra layer of protection from scratches and drops. Various screen protectors are available, so select one that fits your device and offers the most protection.

3 - Handle With Care

Finally, handling your screen carefully is the best way to protect it from accidental damage. Avoid dropping it, placing it in a pocket with coins or keys, or putting too much pressure on the screen.

How to Fix iPhone Screen Cracks

iPhone screen repair is a necessary part of owning an iPhone. Repairing a broken or cracked iPhone screen can be expensive and time-consuming, but it can be done quickly and affordably with the right tools and knowledge. You can buy quality iPhone parts to do DIY fixing! 


Overall, taking precautions to protect your smartphone screen from accidental damage is the best way to ensure its longevity. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your smartphone remains safe and secure.

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