Back Glass Repair for iPhone 8, X and 11 is an expensive nightmare... so can you fix it yourself?

Back Glass Repair for iPhone 8, X and 11 is an expensive nightmare... so can you fix it yourself?

Apple’s iPhone 8 and later have been encased in a full glass shell so fragile users are almost guaranteed to break it. They are beautiful phones but very delicate and susceptible to breaking if not cared for in the appropriate way.

Here at TechXS we have received an abundance of requests to design a DIY kit to repair the back glass of the iPhones, but unfortunately it is not as easy as people might think… The back glass is connected to the iPhone X’s housing with both glue and tiny welds. You will also find the glass to be held between the phones body and the camera bump housing, so you have to pop the camera bump off in order to remove or replace the glass. There’s no way to restore the camera bump to factory unless you have a tiny spot welder (glue might work but would not be an ideal solution). The glass itself takes a TON of heat and very careful prying to remove without shattering it. 

The glass is adhered to the frame in a way making it very difficult to get off, where a laser machine which has been specially designed should be used in the process. Without this machine, you will find yourself scratching all of the strongly adhered glass shards off the frame in order to put a new one back on. To conclude it would be a very difficult and tedious DIY repair.


Apple never intended this area of the phone to be repairable and when they are given the task to do so, they just replace the entire frame of the phone (transferring all of the phones internals onto a new frame).

TechXS only holds products for DIY repair that can be repaired safely using equipment that we can provide the user. So unfortunately, a DIY back glass repair for iPhones will not be in TechXS’ horizons, and that we only advise these repairs to be conducted by a repair professional or Apple themselves, but be warned, it will not be cheap.

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