How to Fix the 5 Common Repair Issues With Your iPhone


Taking your phone in for repairs may be a frustrating experience, especially if you have invested a lot of money. Apple gadgets, in particular, are notoriously expensive to fix, with some of the most popular repairs costing hundreds of dollars in a single shot.

Fortunately, there are still less-expensive alternatives for common problems. Here are the five most common iPhone issues and how to fix them:

1. Cracked Backs

One of the most common iPhone repairs needed is the cracked back, which is somewhat inevitable. It doesn't take much fall to break the back of your phone, and if your phone is unprotected, the back will likely crack. Most phones are made with glass backs, which are rugged and durable but can also be easily broken.

However, fixing a cracked back is easy. You have to take the back off, which is usually pretty straightforward. Then you just have to pop the replacement back that you ordered online. When you place a fractured back on a level surface, you won't have to worry about it skipping.

2. Screen Damage

If you've ever dropped your phone and cracked the screen, you’re not alone. Many phones are made of glass, which is strong but can also break easily. iPhone screens are made of glass, so they tend to crack more often than other phones.

If your screen isn't cracked, you can repair it with a DIY kit. Just follow the instructions online, which are easy to follow. The whole process should take less than half an hour.

To replace the screen, you first must remove the digitiser (the touch-sensitive part of the screen) and the glass shield. You need to take the back cover off, then the battery and SIM card. Then, remove the screws and take off the metal shield. Next, use a tweezer to remove the gasket and the glass shield.

Take the new digitiser you bought online and put it in place. Then, stick the glass shield back on. Put the metal shield back on and the battery back in, and you should be ready to go. Your phone should now be as good as new.

3. Water Damage

Water damage is not easy to detect, so if you notice your phone acting weird, it's probably a good idea to immediately bring it in for repairs. That said, iPhone water repair costs can be huge, so it's a good idea to do your best to fix it yourself.

Do not try to turn on your phone if it's wet. Put it in a bag of rice so that it can dry out. If you don't have rice, a bag of silica gel is also good. Do not put it on a towel, as the towel will only absorb the moisture and make your phone wet. Try to leave it for a few days for the best results.

4. iPhone Battery Replacement

Another of the most common iPhone repairs needed is battery replacement. Of course, you can just put the new battery in yourself, and you'll be good to go. You have to take the back off, the battery and the SIM card. You then take off the screws, and you take off the battery connector on the motherboard.

After that, you can put the new battery in and the connector back on. You can put the screws back in and the battery back along with the SIM card. Now, your phone should be good as new. You can also learn how to fix a battery charging problem.

5. Charging Port or Dock Connector Repair

Another of the most common iPhone repairs needed is the charging port or dock connector repair. You may fix it on your own, but likely, you won't be able to get it back to 100%. However, iPhone charging port repair might be easier than you think.

You'll need a soldering iron, a pry tool, and a spudger. Then, you can take out the screws and the metal shield, and then you take out the gasket. You can then take off the water damage shield, which you can do using a pry tool, and then take off the water damage. Afterwards, iPhone charging port repair is just a matter of swapping the port for a new one.


Indeed, these aren't the only iPhone repairs needed. For example, you can fix scratches using toothpaste and a bit of elbow grease. However, if you're into DIY tricks, you may find these five repair solutions a good start for your repairs. These repairs can be fun but can also help you save money and get the most out of your phone.

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