Discover How to Put a Cracked iPhone Display Back Together

cracked iphone

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re going, and however you may be, a damaged iPhone screen will undoubtedly ruin your mood and aggravate your stress levels. When you drop your phone and cause the screen to crack, you may suddenly feel guilt and shame, prompting you to blame yourself for not being careful. 

Perhaps you may have applied caution more than you did, but it’s also critical to acknowledge that accidents happen all the time. Moreover, there are now plenty of ways to repair and replace cracked and shattered iPhone screens.

After your iPhone's screen has been damaged, you should assess the situation to avoid further complications. Read on to discover how to put a cracked iPhone display back together.

First, Examine the Damage

Be cautious at first. Small shards of glass are frequently found embedded in cracked phone displays. Take care. When you're in a dangerous situation, try not to lacerate your finger.

If your iPhone's screen is broken or cracked in any way, examine the damage carefully and seek an emergency first-aid method. Perhaps a temporary fix will do, but its effectiveness is highly reliant on the type and severity of the damage.

Examine the screen and the protective glass to check if either is damaged. Is there any functioning on the touchscreen? Are your phone's apps programmed to open and close automatically? Is the LED display malfunctioning? Answer all these questions as you assess the damage and what steps you need to take to move forward.

Screen Damage: What’s the Point of Doing Anything?

It is easy to dismiss the issue and move on, yet mobile phones are built to avoid moisture, particle collection, and dust accumulation. When your phone's screen breaks, the protective seal is breached, leaving the device vulnerable to contamination from dirt and moisture.

Doing so will probably shorten the phone's lifespan. This is far from a minor issue. Displays with flaws can still be used.

Screen Damage: The Severity

Here, let’s talk about the severity of screen damage. Assess whether your iPhone has a small cracked screen or a shattered screen, and figure out what to do in either situation.

  • A Small Cracked Screen

  • Cyanoacrylate, a chemical found in both super glue and nail polish, can be used to temporarily seal a crack in a phone screen and prevent it from spreading further. It is not advised. Because using cyanoacrylate incorrectly may cause damage to your phone and void the warranty.

    To prevent additional damage, place a thin line of glue or another type of adhesive down the crack with the point of a toothpick or a brush meant for applying nail polish. Turning the phone back and forth while removing any residual adhesive aids in ensuring that the application is completed evenly.

  • A Shattered Screen

  • Clear packaging tape may be able to aid if the display on your iPhone is completely damaged. To avoid creases, cut a piece to a suitable size before slowly rolling it over your screen.

    Although this is only a temporary solution, it will keep your phone operational until it can be fully repaired. In the event that the tape is removed, the screen will be removed as well.


    Don’t just let a broken phone screen ruin your life. As you put a cracked iPhone display back together, know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Otherwise, if you can’t do it yourself, you can still seek the help of the pros and come back with a phone that looks brand-new.

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