Easy DIY Fix for Your iPhone 8 Problems You Should Try

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It’s no secret that the iPhone 8 is one of the most celebrated phone models that Apple has released, and although there are new ones on the market, they’re still as functional and reliable as ever. However, like many aging phones, your iPhone 8 may experience some issues that weren’t there before. It may face problems like overheating, a freezing screen, and connectivity problems. If this is true for you, here are some DIY quick fixes for your iPhone.

Easy Fixes for Your iPhone 8 Concerns

Quick Fix 1: Restarting Your Phone

Your iPhone 8 might not be working as expected, but forcing it to restart can solve the problem. Like rebooting a computer, this can solve the majority of software problems your phone may encounter.

To do so, press and hold the on/off button at the top right side of your phone. A “slide to power off” screen will appear. Slide it right, and then the device should shut down.

Alternatively, you can press and quickly release the volume up button, press and quickly release the volume down button, then press and hold the on/off button.

Hold the on/off button to reboot it again. The Apple logo should appear on the screen on startup. If it doesn’t start, partially charge your phone.

Quick Fix 2: Update Your Phone's iOS

The iPhone 8 is known for its fast and efficient performance. However, the speed and efficiency can be reduced if you do not update your phone's iOS. You can do it manually or just download the latest update on the Apple Store. Doing so would keep it working smoothly.

Quick Fix 3: Update Your Phone Applications

Each time an application has a new version and you fail to update yours, it can result in bugs, application glitches, and other problems. To avoid this from happening, update your apps. You can do it manually or use the app update feature.

On the App Store, tap the “Updates” tab. It will show you all the available application updates. Choose the ones you want to update and tap the “Update” icon.

Quick Fix 4: Reconnect to Your WiFi

If your iPhone 8 cannot connect to the internet, try reconnecting to your WiFi. Turn off your device and wait for five seconds. Go to Settings > WiFi. Tap the icon of the WiFi connection you have. Your iPhone 8 will search for WiFi connections. Choose the one you want to use and tap the blue “Join” button.

If this does not work, try to restart your router as well. You may have to change your WiFi connection to another one if it still fails to connect.

Quick Fix 5: Reset Your Bluetooth Connection

When Bluetooth does not work well, it can cause your iPhone 8 to disconnect from your earphones, headphones, or other accessories. 

You can reset your Bluetooth connection by going to Settings > Bluetooth. Toggle it off, then restart your phone. Toggle it back on once your phone has started again. 

Quick Fix 6: Delete Battery-Intensive Apps

Apps running in the background can drain your device's battery life. Thus, it is good to remove these apps.

Open the App Store on your iPhone 8. Tap the app icon at the bottom. Tap the X icon of the apps you want to remove. It may not solve all issues of your iPhone 8, but this is a good tip to help you save battery life.


If your iPhone 8 is not working as expected, try to perform these quick fixes. They are not professional fixes, but they can surely help you with your iPhone 8 issues. Also, do not forget to back up your phone before performing these fixes. If they do not work, you have to take your device to Apple or other trusted service providers. Let their experts fix your problems.

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