6 Essential Tips If You’re Buying a Refurbished iPhone


Apple's iPhone is known as one of the best mobile products in the world. For this reason, many people try to get them, either for their functions or as a symbol of status. Like any other Apple product, iPhones are also costly. If you're thinking of getting one but can't afford it, don't worry because there's a solution: refurbished iPhones. 

You’re probably wondering what a refurbished iPhone is. Refurbished iPhones are considered defective units and returned to the Apple factory to be fixed. They were then tested to ensure they worked properly and then resold as new. The thing is, there are some risks involved when getting a refurbished iPhone.

In this article, we list down tips that you should take note of if you’re buying a refurbished iPhone. Read on below to get started.

Where to Get Refurbished iPhones

You can get refurbished iPhones from two places:

A Local Store 

The first way to get a refurbished iPhone is to get it from a local store. The only problem with this is there are some risks involved.

Most stores sell refurbished iPhones in bulk, which means that they don’t know what’s inside the phone, and many people have probably handled it before they put them up for sale. That means there’s a chance that you might get a pre-owned phone, even if it’s refurbished.

Online Stores 

Buying a refurbished iPhone from an online store is safer because the store would know the condition of the phone and when it was fixed. Most times, they’re also factory sealed, which is great if you’re looking for a brand new iPhone.

Buying a Refurbished iPhone

Regardless of where you’re buying your refurbished iPhone, you need to be meticulous about buying one. Here are some tips:

#1 - Look Up Reviews

Reviews are your best friend if you're buying a refurbished iPhone online.  You can trust these reviews because they come from people who have purchased and used the product you're thinking about buying. With that being said, you also shouldn't trust every review you read. It's recommended that you read neutral reviews because they tend to be the most honest reviews.

#2 - Use the iPhone Yourself

If you’re buying an iPhone in person, you ask the seller to have it opened and use it yourself to test it. For example, you can check if you're able to sync your iPhone with your iCloud account or if it can charge normally. In essence, it's just a matter of seeing if the iPhone works as it should be.

#3 - Ensure the iPhone Is Unlocked

An unlocked iPhone means that you should use it with your phone service provider.  If not, you won’t be able to use your SIM card. It will be a disservice to you because there will be the added effort to buy a new SIM card.

#4 - Check for a Warranty

Before buying an item, make sure the seller offers a warranty if anything happens or a return policy in case your item breaks soon after you buy it. If you’re buying from a big store, you shouldn't have any issues. If not, you should ask the seller about their policies.

#5 - Check for Physical Damage

Obviously, an iPhone that has sustained physical damage will be borderline useless. For this reason, you should ask the seller if it has any damage and to see the unit for yourself.

#6 - Ensure That the Battery Is in Excellent Condition

Among refurbished iPhones, battery condition is one of the most prevalent issues. The simplest way to check is by going to the battery settings on the unit. Ask the seller to do it for you if you’re buying online.


Getting a brand new iPhone is a significant accomplishment, but you can go for refurbished iPhones if you can’t do it. They’re the same thing anyway, and chances are a refurbished unit may work better because steps were taken to ensure it works properly.

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