5 FAQs on How to Best Charge Your iPhone, Answered


It's no secret that our phones are integral parts of our lives. We rely on them for everything from keeping in touch with loved ones to getting directions when we're lost. 

Naturally, we also utilise them to document our memorable occasions on camera and in photos. Because we depend so heavily on our phones, we must keep them fully charged and ready to go.

But how exactly should you charge your phone? In this article, weigh in on the best way to keep your phone's battery healthy and your device running smoothly and where to find a repair kit for an iPhone. 

Here are some pointers for charging your phone:

Is It Harmful To Fully Charge My Phone?

For the best battery life, your phone's battery should never go below 20% or surge beyond 80%. 

Although seeing a 100% charge on your smartphone's battery may make you feel secure, this is harmful to the battery. 

Lithium-ion batteries loathe being fully charged. It doesn't like being hot or fully charged, either. You can also look for an iPhone battery replacement in case the battery is beyond fixing. 

Is It Undesirable To Completely Drain Your Phone?

It's not good for the battery's long-term health to let your phone run out of juice or die. This is because it uses up fewer cycles on its lithium-ion cell each time. The battery's life is shortened, and its capacity for holding charge decreases as the number of cycles decreases.

How Can I Turn On My Phone's Optimal Charging?

Most smartphones have an option called optimised charging to safeguard the battery's long-term health. And it carries out several tasks. 

When your smartphone is plugged in, it slows down and stops charging when it is fully charged, both of which are good for your smartphone's battery. 

When AI anticipates that your phone will be plugged in for a long time (such as at night), it may also postpone charging it over the 80-per cent mark so that it stays in the "sweet area" between 20 and 80 per cent for longer.

To enable the best charging on an iPhone running iOS 13 or later, the following steps must be taken: By heading to Settings > Battery > Battery Health, you may turn on "Optimised Battery Charging."

Is Charging Your Phone Several Times A Day Bad?

No. Plugging in for a five per cent charge here and a ten per cent charge there is not only acceptable but recommended because lithium-ion batteries prefer to be charged in short bursts. 

Cycling your phone's battery from 100 per cent to zero and backup has a very limited value since it only serves to "recalibrate" a battery if it is acting strangely, such as suddenly dying while it indicates it is fully charged. It is not advisable to fully cycle lithium-ion.

If My Battery Is Already Damaged, Can It Be Fixed?

Before changing your phone's battery, if it isn't functioning well, you should calibrate it first. This procedure runs your device's battery through a "full cycle"—going from 100% to 0% in one swift motion—to see whether it is that bad. 

While this is not good for a healthy battery's long-term health, it can aid a battery deteriorating mentally by giving it one final burst of clarity.

For this on the iPhone, Apple offers a special recalibration procedure. In the absence of that, you can try to calibrate your battery by doing a "full cycle," in which you quickly go from 100% to 0% on your smartphone.

Alternating the batteries is another option. Apple offers free replacement programs for a limited number of MacBooks and Apple Watches that have battery problems, but it's not as straightforward as changing a few AA batteries.


When charging your phone, you should consider a few important variables, including the charger, the type of phone, and the atmosphere. With the many options available, choosing the finest phone or charger for you may be difficult. However, if you adhere to the advice in this article, you'll be able to pick the best charger and extend the life of your battery. You may also look for the cost of iPhone battery replacement for more information. 

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