Guide to Cracked iPhone Screen and a Broken LCD Replacement

Cracked iphone

A cracked or broken phone screen is the most common issue with an iPhone or an Android device. The screen can be damaged in several ways, although impacts from being dropped or impacted happen the most frequently. 

What matters more is whether the LCD is damaged or merely the screen covering it. A broken LCD screen is considerably different from a cracked phone screen. 

Knowing how to do that could help you decide whether it would be advisable to repair a broken phone screen that is not working or to replace it. Read on to know how to fix your iPhone screen!

Does a Cracked Screen on Your iPhone Affect It?

The answer is both yes and no. You probably know someone who doesn't seem to be experiencing any performance issues with a phone that has a cracked screen. 

How your phone shows information and reacts to touch inputs will change if the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), digitiser, or flex cable is damaged.

Is It Safe To Use An iPhone With A Cracked Screen?

A cracked screen will change how you use your phone compared to one that isn't. There will be minute points underneath the fragmented region that might be difficult to see. 

However, it won't affect how well your phone can display items if the LCD component is still in place.

But because the screen is a part of the digitiser, your swipes and presses might not have the same effect as they had before. 

You might need to exert more pressure to get the screen to respond. It may even fail to react in certain situations if the flex cable has been damaged or compromised.

But if the crack is severe, you may opt for an iPhone screen replacement. 

What Indicates an LCD Screen is Broken?

A cracked LCD On the other hand, it's different if your phone's LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen is damaged. The LCD's physical degradation might be seen in the following symptoms.

  • Screen with black spots
  • Discoloured regions
  • No illumination

If you experience any of these three signs, your phone will probably have a damaged LCD screen and need to be repaired. 

Fixing an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen is more expensive than replacing a cracked phone screen, but it is doable if you bring your device to a retailer or repair facility.

Dealing with a Broken Phone Screen

The greatest remedy is to keep your phone's screen from getting damaged in the first place. You may reduce the risk of damage by using a 9H hardness screen protector and a shockproof phone case and carrying your iPhone or Samsung in a place where it cannot be bent, sat upon, or dropped.

It is less likely that you will have to deal with a cracked or shattered phone screen the more steps you can take to protect your smartphone from harm. We also offer the most effective methods for restoring data from a cracked Android screen.

However, no amount of safety precautions can ensure that your smartphone will never be harmed. First, you should perform a functional check if you discover any damage to your phone, like a break in the screen. Practice the touch instructions, such as presses and swipes, for a while.

Look for any hints that the LCD has been damaged in the display. Once you know the type of damage that has already occurred, you can take the required steps to fix it.

Both the phone's cracked screen and the digitiser's flex cable need to be replaced. Many people can replace these very common items themselves, if they so want, with some education and the right tools.

How Can You Fix the Cracked LCD Screen on Your Phone?

A phone screen with a broken LCD offers a distinct problem because a replacement will be more expensive. 

In this case, you should either take it to a repair facility or get in touch with the dealer to fix the cracked screen. They can repair the LCD screen replacement and bring your phone back in working order, but you'll need a free quote first.

Although a shattered LCD screen must be mended immediately to prevent further damage, a cracked phone screen can still be bothersome. Knowing what to do and where to go if your iPhone or Android screen cracks can be helpful to fix iPhone screen cracks.


Cracked screens and broken LCDs are distinct issues with different origins, causes, and effects. While cracked screens are caused by physical damage, broken LCDs are caused by a malfunction in the internal display. 

The effects of a cracked screen may be minor or major, depending on the extent of the damage, while a broken LCD can cause the display to be completely unreadable. 

The only way to permanently fix a cracked screen is to replace it, while a broken LCD can sometimes be fixed with a software update. So that the right steps may be taken to fix the device, it is crucial to distinguish between a cracked screen and a broken LCD.

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