How to Replace Unresponsive iPhone 11 Screen For Free

How to Replace Unresponsive iPhone 11 Screen For Free

Is your iPhone 11 screen not responding to touch? You're not alone. Apple has identified a small percentage of released iPhone 11 units that may have a faulty screen response. This article will discuss the iPhone 11 Display Module Replacement Program for Touch Issues in further detail and provide basic troubleshooting recommendations for users who want to avoid the hassle and waiting time of sending it in for a replacement.

How to Get Your iPhone 11 Screen Replaced For Free

Apple has developed a help website with a serial number checker to discover whether your phone is eligible for the iPhone 11 display module replacement program. If your device is qualified, you may contact Apple to get the display repaired for free through one of the following methods:

  • Locate a service provider who is an Apple Authorised Reseller.
  • Schedule a visit to an Apple Retail Store.
  • Contact Apple Support to set up mail-in service through the Apple Repair Center. 

Furthermore, if you have already paid to fix your iPhone 11, Apple will reimburse the amount if it is affected by this issue.

How to Troubleshoot Your iPhone 11 Screen and Avoid Long Waiting Times 

Before attempting the following solutions, remove any protective case, tempered glasses, or other third-party screen accessories that may be affecting your phone's response. 

Ensure the iPhone screen is clean and clear of grease, dust, or debris if you're not using any accessories.

If none of this works, you can proceed to the following troubleshooting steps. 

  1. Perform a hard reset on your iPhone 11 

Minor software issues and failures can be temporarily resolved with a hard reset. 

  • Press and hold the volume up/down button at the same time.
  • Press and hold the volume down button for a few seconds.
  • Hold down the side button. Continue to hold until the Apple logo shows on the screen.
  1. Install the Most Recent iOS Update 

iOS 14 may not have been your favorite update due to many complications like the wonky touchscreen response. However, an upgrade to the next latest version may be the fix to your problem. 

  • Open the App Store and make sure the Today option at the bottom is chosen.
  • Tap the profile symbol in the upper-right corner of your screen. Scroll down to view updates, then hit Update All to update all of your applications at once. 
  1. Restore from Recovery Mode 

If upgrading your iPhone to the newest version still does not work for your iPhone 11, you may put it in 'Recovery Mode' then restore it using your Mac. This can correct fatal system faults like your iPhone 11's screen unresponsiveness, allowing iTunes to restore any corrupted system components that may have caused the issue. 

  • Using a suitable USB cable, connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • Locate your device in the Finder (macOS Catalina, Big Sur) or iTunes (PC & macOS Mojave or older) window.
  • Press and release the volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously. Then, press and hold the side button until you see the recovery-mode screen.
  • You should see a pop-up window with the options to Update or Restore.
  • Select Update. Keep your iPhone connected until the update is finished. 

Final Thoughts

If your phone has sustained any damage that interferes with Apple's repair service, such as a cracked screen, there may be a steep cost for a repair. Otherwise, your iPhone 11 screen replacement from Apple will cost you zero dollars.

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