How to Tell if Your iPhone's LCD Screen Is Broken

Broken iphone LCD

When it comes to iPhones, a broken LCD screen can be a huge inconvenience. Whether you dropped your phone or it was damaged in some other way, this can be a costly repair. Fortunately, there are some telltale signs that you can look for to determine if your LCD screen is damaged:

Difference Between Screen Glass and LCD

The difference between screen glass and LCD is important to understand, especially when making decisions about the type of display you want for your device. Screen glass is the material that covers the LCD, while LCD stands for liquid crystal display, which is the technology used to create the image on the screen.

Screen glass is a protective layer placed on the LCD to protect it from scratches, dust, and other forms of damage. It also helps to reduce glare and reflection, making the image on the screen clearer. Screen glass is usually made of either tempered glass or plastic and can come in various thicknesses.

LCD, on the other hand, is a type of display technology that uses liquid crystals to create the image on the screen. It is made up of many small pixels arranged in a grid, and every pixel has three subpixels used to create the colours on the screen. LCDs are used in a range of products, from televisions to smartphones, and they are known for their bright, sharp images and low power consumption.

Black or Blank Screen

The first sign of a broken LCD screen is a black or blank screen. If your iPhone has a black or blank screen and won't turn on, the LCD screen is likely broken. Another sign is a distorted or blurry image on the display. If you notice any unusual discolouration or blurring, it could indicate a broken LCD screen.

Cracks on Your iPhone Display

Another sign of a broken LCD screen is if you notice any cracks on the display. If you have any visible cracks, there's a high chance that the LCD screen is broken, though there's still a possibility that it's the glass and not the LCS that's damaged.

Lines on the Display

One of the telltale signs that your LCD screen is broken is if lines appear on the display. If you notice thin, vertical or horizontal lines across the screen, this could be a sign of a broken LCD. These lines are usually a sign of a cracked or damaged LCD panel, which may require replacement.

Touchscreen of Your iPhone Not Working

Finally, you can check for any touch sensitivity issues on the LCD. If you notice that the touchscreen is not responding to your touch, then it is likely that the LCD is broken. Additionally, if the touchscreen is slow to respond or is unresponsive in certain areas, then this can also signify a broken LCD.

Dead Pixels

Another way to tell if your iPhone's LCD screen is damaged is to check for any dead pixels. Dead pixels are small areas of the LCD that do not display any images or text. To check for dead pixels, try to look for any areas of the LCD that are darker than the rest. If you notice any dead pixels, then it is likely that the LCD is problematic.


It can be hard to tell if an LCD screen is broken on an iPhone. Generally, signs of a damaged LCD screen include a black or blank screen, lines or discolouration across the screen, or dead pixels. If any of these signs are present, fix the iPhone screen as soon as possible, as a damaged LCD screen can lead to further issues. Additionally, if the screen is cracked or shattered, it indicates that the LCD screen is broken.

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