Common iPhone 6 Plus Issues You Should Know About

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iPhones are known to be innovative pieces of technology that can stand the test of time. Case in point: It's been eight years since the iPhone 6 Plus came out, but it still holds up and provides a user-friendly interface and hardware that can still handle today's apps. Of course, time has shown us what kind of issues we can expect from these phones. If you have one, you might have even experienced some.

1. Battery Life

It's no secret that older iPhones have limited battery life. This remains true with the iPhone 6 Plus. However, Apple has come up with a number of options to help you prolong the battery life on your phone, such as using Low Power Mode, turning off Bluetooth and location services, and turning on Airplane Mode. 

If you're really strapped for options, you can also buy a battery case to extend your time on the phone or get a replacement battery installed.

2. Overheating

The iPhone 6 Plus is prone to overheating when charging. At first, it was discovered by users who found that their iPhones would get warm when charging. As a result, Apple released an iOS update that enabled users to check on their charging battery from Settings > Battery > Battery Health and monitor how much their battery has decreased since it was new. However, this feature has been limited to iPhone 6s and up.

3. SIM Card Not Detected

Some users started noticing their iPhone 6 Plus sim cards weren't being detected by the phone anymore. Most users found that they must restart their phones to get them to work again, but it never lasted. 

It was also discovered that once the phone was turned off and restarted a couple of times, the SIM card may not be recognised again. If your iPhone 6 Plus is having this issue, the simplest solution is a factory reset.

4. Shutting Down Randomly

One outcome of the overheating battery is that the phone will shut down at random. This can be very frustrating for the user, especially when the phone is in the middle of an important task. To avoid this, users should try using an external battery pack or turn on Airplane Mode, which can help lessen the phone's temperature. You can also try closing all background apps as they add to the load your iPhone 6 Plus is dealing with.

5. Touch Disease

Touch Disease is a hardware problem that affects the touchscreen of the iPhone 6 Plus. It's a problematic issue that affects the phone's digitiser, which is the component that senses your finger when you're using the touchscreen. 

Most of the time, all that happens is that the screen won't work or it skips when you touch it, and you can also notice colours fading. When this happens, it's best to take your iPhone for screen repairs or do it yourself with a repair kit.


For the most part, the iPhone 6 Plus is a solid phone that can withstand the test of time. It's a great phone that comes with a number of features that is sure to provide its user with a great experience. Of course, as with any tech device, there are bound to be some issues. Fortunately, these issues have a workaround, and with years under its belt, these issues can be remedied by many trusted repair jobs.

We have products to help your iPhone’s screen repair and other issues. Purchase one of our repair kits, and say goodbye to screen-related headaches. Your iPhone has a lot more to offer you, and a quick fix is more than enough to get it in good working condition!

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