iPhone Battery Replacement: Common Mistakes People Make


Aging batteries cause problems for all kinds of devices, but they are not necessarily hard to replace. If you have some experience with taking apart appliances or understanding how household electronics work, you can get the battery out in less than an hour. This blog post has narrowed down a list of common errors that people make when they try to replace iPhone batteries.

iPhone Battery Replacement: Common Mistakes People Make

1 - Not reading the guide

Reading a guide makes people better at doing the thing they want or need to do. Reading guides gives you a sense of preparedness, lowering the stress that comes with taking apart unfamiliar objects. The guide for replacing the iPhone battery is very detailed, and it includes what parts you will need as well as how to replace the parts. People who had read the whole thing before trying to take apart the phone are better at doing the process.

2 - Poor preparation

Preparing is important. Preparing well is important. Preparing the right way helps you be successful the first time. If you are not good at preparing, you might be doing it wrong. You might not be doing it at all. Poor preparation might not be your fault. You might not have the right tools or the right information.

3 - Reinstalling a screw into a wrong slot

The guide contains a list of the screws you will need to remove, but that isn't all there is to do a replacement. If you want to be very thorough, you can also identify the position and the tension of each screw in the assembly of your device. This will help you avoid accidentally reinstalling a screw in a wrong slot. Calm and careful hands are best suited for this kind of work.

4 - Not prying out the battery carefully

The guide says to pry out the battery with Suction. However, some people prefer to use a thinner object to pry out the battery. Such an object might not be suitable if you are not experienced enough, though. It is easy to break the battery if you are not careful enough. This step is the most challenging part of the whole process. You should be extra careful when doing it.

5 - Failing to test the replacement battery

Some people are too eager to put the new battery into the phone. They might think that the new battery will work because the old battery didn't work. However, the old battery might have failed for different reasons. The new battery's failure might be caused by improper installation or a different problem. Tester batteries are cheap, so you should always test your batteries before you put them into your phone.


The guide works as a list of things to avoid. Do your best to avoid these things, and you will be fine. Read the guide and follow it to the letter. Careful and detailed work is needed when repairing the battery of an iPhone. This is true for any repair, and it is often overlooked. If you notice one of these common mistakes, try to learn from them before trying again.

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