iPhone XR Not Charging? Here’s How to Fix Typical Issues

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If your iPhone XR has recently been updated to iOS 13 or 14, there's a good chance that you are facing a charging problem as one of its symptoms. The slow charging problems are usually rooted in an incompatible power adapter or a damaged charger. However, it's not always a hardware issue. There are actually plenty of power issues that come from system faults, both minor and major. 

In this blog, we will run down typical issues when it comes to the iPhone XR not charging and ways to address them.

Issue #1: iPhone XR Gets Stuck on Black Screen after Crashing

There's a common misconception that when an iPhone crashes and ends up stuck on a black screen, it's simply drained of energy. The chances are that the iPhone was on the whole time, but the right screen couldn't be displayed, given fatal system errors. Malware that corrupted major data and recalcitrant iOS bugs are also likely triggers.

  • Address it by: Doing an iOS restore or a total system erase.

Issue #2: iPhone XR Has a Battery That’s Draining Fast

Battery drain in iPhones has a direct correlation to overheating. When something in the iPhone's system leads the processor to keep working, it's possible for the iPhone to overheat, draining the battery fast. Bad apps are the common trigger for battery drain issues, including third-party apps that are not updated.

  • Address it by: Better app management. This can include installing updates, removing the "wrong" apps or simply reinstalling some apps.

Issue #3: iPhone XR Heats up Quickly or Overheats

When an iPhone heats up quickly, there's a high likelihood that the system has something in it pushing the processor to work thoroughly until it's run to the ground. A certain level of heating up is typical with the iPhone; often, this happens after heavy, prolonged use. That said, going beyond the normal operating temperature is a whole other story. 

Certain camera functions such as the flash just stop working during instances of overheating iPhones. The iPhone will typically show a temperature warning at that point, alongside a recommendation to let the device cool before more use. 

  • Address it by: Doing a system restore from the previous backup.

Issue #4: iPhone XR Is Charging Slowly or Won’t Charge at All

Bad apps are the usual culprit of slow charging issues. This is typically the case when it comes to the iPhone XR if certain apps were turned malicious by a recent update. Another possibility is that the phone's charging system was damaged by the recent update, leading to charging issues.

  • Address it by: Identifying missing or malfunctioning apps and removing them entirely from the system.

Issue #5: iPhone XR Is Refusing to Turn On

Occasionally, your iPhone will suddenly turn off after an update. This usually happens if something from the latest update has ruined the way the system works. In addition, it is possible that the iPhone was unable to cope with the massive power consumption triggered by the newest update and shut down.

  • Address it by: Doing a force restart on your iPhone XR, but make sure it's charging when you do so.


Charging issues with the iPhone XR came about after iOS 13 and 14. Charging problems are a common issue, alongside several others related to power. Typical issues include the iPhone XR refusing to turn on or not charging.

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