Reasons Why Leaving Your iPhone Charging Overnight Is Bad

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Smartphone batteries are a worry for some individuals, but iPhone is meticulous in its manufacturing. So far, more than 1.5 billion iPhones equipped with Li-Ion batteries have been sold around the world. 

These batteries are superior to NiMH batteries, although they are not without flaws. Because of its nature, you may encounter certain troubles with your iPhone battery, and that includes the effects of charging your phone overnight.

Below, you will learn more about iPhone batteries and the wrong ways you can charge them.

Li-Ion Batteries Generate a Lot of Heat

This is one of the most common issues you may encounter while charging your iPhone overnight. Lithium-ion batteries are convenient, but lithium is a highly reactive metal. There’s a possibility that the heat it produces can eventually cause the battery to overheat and catch fire.

An example of this is the issue with Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s battery. Also, HP recently had to recall roughly 78,000 batteries due to a similar issue that might cause fire and burn damage.

Apple makes sturdy phones. Although some may bend, the battery is safe. Unfortunately, this is not entirely accurate. Apple utilises the same Li-Ion battery technology as other companies. 

There have been multiple reports of iPhones catching fire due to faulty batteries. This is one of the factors why charging your iPhone overnight is not recommended. 

Charging it during the daytime is your best bet if you want to avoid any dangers, even ones with the tiniest of odds. You can keep a careful eye on your iPhone and ensure its safety.

Wireless Charging for the iPhone

The issue isn’t limited to your standard iPhone charger. The iPhone’s wireless charging feature raises the temperature of the gadget even further—just something to think about while charging your phone.

If you use an iPhone wireless charger, be especially careful because it creates more heat than a traditional charger. This doesn’t mean you should have a fire extinguisher next to your charger while sleeping. 

Most of you may think this is ridiculous. Still, experts recommend charging your iPhone overnight on a plate or other non-burning object, especially if you’re charging your iPhone X using a basic Qi wireless charger.

Charging Your Phone Overnight

Remove the case from your iPhone if you need to charge it overnight, and don’t put the phone under your pillow. While charging, the phone needs to breathe. Therefore, leave some space for the heat to escape.

Heat is harmful to your iPhone’s battery in the simplest terms, so overnight charging your iPhone reduces its battery life. The capacity of every mobile phone battery degrades every 500-1000 charge-discharge cycles. You’ve completed a cycle when you use 100 percent of your battery.


You shouldn’t be concerned if you update your iPhone every year or two. However, if you want to use your iPhone for longer than that, keep in mind that the battery will eventually lose capacity.

An iPhone battery may theoretically withstand up to 500 cycles before losing capacity. Not only that but your battery ages naturally over time.

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