Maximise Your iPhone's Battery with Optimised Battery Charging


iPhones are one of the most popular and widely used mobile devices today, and battery life has become an increasingly important factor for many users. With the ever-growing number of apps and features available on the iPhone, the strain on battery life can be significant. Fortunately, there are several ways to get the most out of your iPhone's battery health and ensure that it lasts for as long as possible. Enabling the Optimised Battery Charging is one of them.

How It Works 

Optimised Battery Charging is a feature of iOS that helps extend the battery life of your iPhone. It works by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to determine how you use your phone and adjust the charging cycle to match your usage habits. This keeps the battery healthy, as it only charges to the level necessary for daily usage. The feature also reduces the time the battery is exposed to extreme charging currents and temperatures, which can damage the battery in the long run.

With this feature, the iPhone will charge up to 80% and stay there until you need the battery. The phone will top off the last 20% when it detects you're about to use it. This helps to reduce battery ageing and keep your device running longer. 

Disabling the Feature

If you don't want to use Optimised Battery Charging, you can disable it in the settings menu. To do this, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and toggle the switch to turn it off. This will prevent the battery from being charged to 80% and instead charge it up to 100% each time you plug it in. This will cause your phone to charge 100% every time you plug it in.

Bear in mind, however, that disabling this feature is not recommended because it can age your battery faster. It would be wise to keep Optimised Battery Charging enabled so your iPhone's battery stays healthy and last longer.

A Few More Tips and Tricks

  • Download the Latest Version of iOS: Keep your phone's iOS updated to help it run more efficiently and optimise battery life.
  • Close Background App Refresh: This will help save battery life since apps won't run in the background when you're not using them.
  • Switch Location Services: Turning off your location saves battery life since your phone won't constantly search for your current location.
  • Lower Screen Brightness: By dimming your screen, you will extend the phone's battery life; the brighter the screen, the more battery is used.
  • Limit Phone Notifications: Disabling unnecessary notifications will save battery life since your phone won't constantly be alerting you with notifications.


Optimised Battery Charging can help maximise your iPhone's battery health. By monitoring your usage and adjusting your settings accordingly, you can prolong the life of your phone and keep it running at its best.

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