5 of the Most Common Misconceptions About Refurbished Phones

refurbished phone

Buying a new phone with all the latest features can be expensive, especially when you have to buy everything from scratch. That is why you should also explore the option of buying a refurbished phone from a trusted source.

However, the term “refurbished” does not really mean anything to most people, because there are a lot of myths about it floating around. Here are some of the most common ones that shouldn't stop you from getting a refurbished phone.

1) They Are the Same as a Secondhand Phone

A refurbished phone is almost as good as new and you can use it just like you would use a new one. The only difference is that it is a phone that was opened, used and returned. Some parts may have been replaced, but it has been checked and tested to ensure that it is still in functioning condition.

Most refurbished phones that are sold have been checked and tested to ensure that they can still perform well after a few months of use. That is why you can use it without worrying that there will be compatibility issues or software crashes.

2) They Have a Low Battery Life 

A new phone usually has a battery that can last for at least a day and sometimes it might even last for more than a day of regular use. The battery life also depends on the processor, GPU and other features that you might have on your phone.

A refurbished phone may have a battery that has been used, and it might not have a battery life as long as a new phone. However, if you have been prudent with your battery use, you can use this phone for a few days before you have to recharge it.

3) Something Is Wrong With Them

A refurbished phone is checked, tested, and refurbished to ensure that it works well and its specifications are still in line with what the manufacturer intended.

If you are buying a phone that has been used, you can also ask the seller to test it out for you. If it is still under warranty, you can go to the service centre of the manufacturer and have it checked and fixed.

4) They Are Prone to Maintenance

Maintenance for a refurbished phone will depend on the brand and model of the phone that you are using. Some manufacturers allow their phones to be used for up to three years, while others let their phones be used for up to five years.

However, if you buy a phone that has been used, you will have to do a little bit of research to find out if the phone that you are buying is good. There is still a chance that the phone will last and won’t require major repairs.

5) It Is Not Worth It

A refurbished phone is actually a good deal when you consider the features that you will get and the price that you have paid. A new phone will always be more expensive than a refurbished one, which is why you should consider buying one if you are thinking about switching to a new phone.


If you are thinking about going for a refurbished phone, you should consider buying from a factory outlet or from a PC vendor. These people usually get them directly from the factories and they can offer you better prices.

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