5 Common Problems with the iPhone 11 and How to Fix Them

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Apple is a household name in the realm of technology. It has released many revolutionary devices such as the MacBook, iPad, Apple TV, and the iPhone—its flagship mobile product. Ever since Steve Jobs revealed the iPhone to the world in 2007, the tech industry was shaken, and Apple was placed at the forefront of mobile technology.

Today, the world is currently on its 15th generation of the iPhone with the iPhone 13. While it improved on the previous releases, people are still stuck with their iPhone 11s and 12s because there’s no need to switch phones so soon. Unfortunately, these two variants, particularly the iPhone 11, had various problems that left them no choice but to face them. The good news is that hope isn’t entirely lost because there are ways to repair it.

This article lists down the most common problems with the iPhone 11 and how you can fix them. Read on below to learn more.

#1 - Display Problems

The iPhone 11 series—particularly the Pro and Max variants—had various issues with the display. One user from MacRumors reported that their iPhone 11’s screen often flashes a green tint, then goes back to normal after a few seconds. This is the biggest issue with the iPhone 11 series, and the problem is attributed to the OLED display.

Users have said that installing iOS 14 fixes the issue. However, many users found that screenshots from the green-tinted glass showed no tent, suggesting a hardware malfunction. For this reason, Apple allowed users to go to official service centres to get replacements for units still under warranty.

#2 - Touchscreen Failure

Another screen issue that arose with the iPhone 11’s release was touchscreen failure. Surprisingly, the announcement came from Apple itself. The issue manifested itself through an unchanged display that caused touchscreen capabilities to fail.

The solution for this is pretty straightforward: go to Apple’s website and look for the iPhone 11 Display Module Replacement Program. You will be prompted to enter the serial number of your iPhone, and you’ll need to wait for Apple to tell you if you qualify for the program or not. If you do, Apple will guide you through the following steps involving sending your iPhone to them. You most likely have important data in your phone, so you must back up your data to iCloud via computer before going through with this.

#3 - Wireless Charging

When the iPhone 11 was first announced, Apple bragged about wireless charging. What seemed to be a highly-innovative feature turned out to be a nuisance because many users reported that the entirety of the iPhone 11 line doesn’t charge wirelessly at all.

The easiest way to get around this problem is to use a wired charger to charge an iPhone 11. You should also ensure that your iPhone’s OS is updated to iOS 14 because it reportedly worked for some people.

#4 - Battery Issues

Many battery-related issues plagued the iPhone 11 series, such as premature battery wear and bugs that showed inaccurate battery reports.

To fix these issues, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health to look at the condition of your iPhone 11’s battery. If you notice significant battery life loss, it’s recommended to have it fixed by a professional. Alternatively, you should also download iOS 14.5, which comes with a fix to recalibrate the battery reporting function. Though it will take time to work correctly, it will give you more accurate reports in the future.

#5 - Overheating

Previous iPhones have already had heating issues in the past, but the iPhone 11 series was arguably the worst of them all. One user from MacRumors has said that they got their iPhone 11 Pro on a Friday while it got hot on Saturday until it died down and happened again on the Monday after that week.

There are many ways to fix overheating problems in iPhone 11 units, such as:

  • Do a hard restart (press the volume up and volume down buttons, along with the power button)
  • Stop running games
  • Turn on Airplane mode
  • Fully charge the phone before using it


The iPhone 11 series may be a part of the cutting-edge iPhone family, but it’s not without its faults, as evidenced by the above information. You should try fixing your device yourself before sending it out for repairs to save money.

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  • My phone will not search pictures anymore. No matter what I search for. Flowers, dogs? It just says no results

    Lorraine on
  • My phone went into sos mode. It shows no service. Paid for multiple esims and SIM cards with no luck. Switched companies and switched numbers and still has not resolved. 1,000. Spent on a phone and can’t use it. Months and money on sims and end result if Apple does not replace it forced to get a new phone.

    Deanna Bobus on
  • My iPhone 11 will no longer connect to the internet unless it is WiFi – I have checked all the data settings and seems in order. This has occurred in the past 10 days for the first time.

    Shirley Bowmaker Falconer on
  • My iPhone 11 keep dropping calls. In the middle of conversations, the phone goes out.
    Very annoying, especially when I’m talking on a business call and it goes out.

    Delores Thornton on

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