Should I repair, or should I buy new?


Should I repair my existing phone, or should I buy a new phone? It’s the question that haunts every phone owner, every year.  Here at TechXS we have decided to break down the pros and cons of each, to help make that yearly decision a little bit easier.

Advantages of Repair

Good for the Environment

Repairing helps to reduce the environmental impact e-waste has on the world each year. These little devices contain toxic materials that are extremely harmful to both us and the world. Here are a few facts regarding e-waste:

  1. Electronics such as mobile phones contain toxic materials that, if released into the environment can cause damage to human blood, kidneys, as well as central and peripheral nervous systems
  2. When electronic waste is thrown away in landfills their toxic materials seep into groundwater, affecting both land and sea animals.
  3. Only 8 percent of cell phones are recycled in the Australia and most Australians get new cell phones every 12 to 18 months. This is creating more and more electronic waste and with the lack of responsible recycling, the environmental issues of e-waste are continually increasing.
  4. In Guiyu, China, many of the residents exhibit substantial digestives, neurological, respiratory and bone problems. This is the largest e-waste disposal site in China and quite possible the world, Guiyu receives shipments of toxic e-waste from all over the world.

Good for the Pocket

Repairing your device will almost always be the cheaper option over buying new. It can be surprisingly cheap to fix a cracked screen or replace a dying battery, provided you can resist the urge to go out and buy the latest model phone. Majority of the issues that smartphone owners experience with their older device is related to either their battery or screen which also happen to be the two easiest areas of the device to replace.

Here are some responses from TechXS customers who opted to repair their existing iPhone, instead of buying new:

“I’m just a guy trying not to spend $2k on a new iPhone. I chose to replace my battery using a TechXS battery repair kit and was genuinely amazed at how easy the process was. I now only charge my phone every second day again! It used to not even make it to the afternoon from 100% in morning. Now I use roughly 50% a day at most.”

- Alex, NSW


“My iPhone 6 had major battery issues...needing to be charged several times a day...I really didn't want to stump up the cash for a new phone, after all the phone works fine for my usage, just needed to sort out the battery issue. Anyhow, found this service online, order the battery Sunday night and arrived Tuesday.  I have had the battery in for a few weeks and it works like new. From my point of view and experience it was a good choice”

- Chris, QLD


“I had resigned myself to having to buy my daughter a new iPhone due to the battery dying and saw this kit when looking online, so I thought "what did I have to lose?". The battery is replaced and the phone is working a treat again and it was so easy I felt like an electronics genius. To anyone feeling nervous whether they should give this kit a go, I say do it!! You have bugger all to lose and so much to save and it's so easy my 11yo son could do it (easily).”

- Mark, NSW


Disadvantages of Repair

Difficult to find reputable service centres

Phone repair service centres are few and far between. The research required to decide on the right service provider can be even more difficult. You need to weigh up factors like:

  • Reputation/trustworthiness
  • Price for labour/repair
  • Price for part
  • Quality of part
  • Speed of repair
  • Security/privacy during repair process
  • Warranty offered (if any)

There are a wave of phone users now opting for self-repair as a method to combat the above roadblocks to repair. Choosing to D-I-Y has its own issues; from finding a good quality replacement part, to understanding what tools you need to do the repair, and which of the thousands of online instructions you can trust to complete your repair successfully.

Potentially sacrifice new functionality and better technology

Majority of the time a newer device will have improved and exciting specs and features, which in turn encourage the consumer to purchase new over repair old, but you must ask yourself, what about the unnecessary waste? When you purchased your phone, did it not have all the features and specs you needed, and if so, is that still the case?


To summarise

At the end of the day, the choice is yours as to whether you would like to a buy new phone or repair your current phone. If you find your current device has all the functionality you need in a smartphone, then it may make sense to save a few hundred dollars and fix the one you have - you will be doing the environment a favour at the same time!

TechXS has designed a range of products that make the planning and research of choosing to repair a lot less cumbersome for common repair types like a broken screen and poor battery life. A small, compact kit that is delivered to your door. Simple installation instructions from industry experts, high-quality replacement parts (that even come pre-assembled if possible) and all the right tools. TechXS is trying to reduce the heartache of opting to repair.

Please reach out to our team if you have any questions about whether repair is right for you!

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