7 Recommended Tools When Repairing iPhone XS OLED Screens

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Apple is one of the globally-recognized tech giants that continues to improve our lives through technology. Over the years, it has produced products that have revolutionised almost every aspect of living. For mobile phones, Apple released the iPhone in 2007, which pushed the boundaries of how mobile phones work.

The iPhone has had different variations over the years, each having advantages and drawbacks. The iPhone XS is one of the most intuitive models, although it has problems, particularly with the OLED screen. An iPhone XS's screen is fragile, so it's pretty common to get its screen repaired or replaced altogether. Because of this, professionals use specific tools to ensure that the repair or replacement of an iPhone XS's screen is done correctly. These include:

#1 - Opening Picks

When removing the screen of an iPhone XS, it's always easier to do it with the help of a tool called the opening pick. The opening picks are used to pry off the screen, usually secured by adhesive. Using this tool is preferred because it's less invasive than the other ways of removing the screen.

Additionally, the pick has a pointed tip, which lets users slide it under the edge of the screen. This makes things easier for users because it allows them to move the pick along the edge of the screen and pop out the screen.

#2 - Tweezers

Tweezers are considered a handheld tool that's useful in several applications. They're essentially used to grab small objects, such as the screen of an iPhone XS. Tweezers are helpful in this application because they're thin and made of a material that makes them easier to bend. This makes it easier to use the tweezers to grip the screen without damaging or breaking it.

Tweezers also have a pointed tip, which can be used to slide under the screen and remove it.

#3 - P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver

The P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver is a tool that's specifically designed to undo the screws that secure the screen of an iPhone XS. The tool has the same features as the P2 screwdriver, which is that it's designed to undo the screws on P2 Phillips screws. As such, the P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver helps remove the screws used to secure the screen of an iPhone XS.

#4 - Spudger

A spudger tool is a unique tool that technicians use to open up the device to access the components inside. It's used to help remove the screen and the battery of the iPhone XS. It's made of a thin piece of plastic with two ends used to push and pull small pieces.

The Spudger Tool is a plastic-like material that's flexible enough to get under the components of an iPhone XS and help move them out of the way. This makes it easier to remove the screen and the battery of an iPhone XS.

#5 - Suction Handle

The suction handle is a suction cup with a handle that allows users to work or open up devices such as an iPhone XS. The tool is handy because it allows for a better grip, making it easier for users to grip the device and have it open. It's also convenient because of the handle where users can attach extra tools.

#6 - iOpener

The iOpener is a heating pad specifically designed to heat the iPhone XS. The heating pad comes with a temperature dial that lets users adjust the heat. This makes it easier for users to ensure that the temperature is neither too high nor too low, which can damage the screen.

Instead of being soldered, the screen of an iPhone XS is secured by a flexible adhesive. The bond is softened by heating the iPhone XS, making it easier for users to pry the screen off.

#7 - Carbon Fibre Spudger

The carbon fibre spudger is ideal for opening up the iPhone XS. The spudger tool has a pointed tip and a flat end, making it perfect to open up the device and enable users to get to their components. The carbon fibre spudger is also made of a material that makes it easier to bend and can be used to work around the various parts of the iPhone XS.


An iPhone XS's screen is pretty fragile, so it's recommended to use the right tools to fix and replace it. The tools described in this article are beneficial in this process, so you should keep them if you own an iPhone XS. Remember to use them properly to ensure that you won't break your phone while using them.

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