5 Signs That You Need a New Battery for Your iPhone


Having an iPhone is a great personal investment for any person who values having a reliable mobile device to use for the daily grind. You’ll be able to use all of the phone’s features and enjoy the full iPhone experience just like any other person. However, how can you enjoy all that if your iPhone’s battery isn’t working in its full capacity? Don’t let yourself suffer from poor battery performance. This guide shows you some of the signs that your iPhone’s battery may need to be replaced.

Your Phone's Battery Life Is Shorter Than Usual

If you notice that your iPhone’s battery is not performing at its best, you should keep an eye on its battery usage. By going to Settings > Battery, you’ll be able to see what is causing your iPhone’s battery to drain faster than usual. Look at which apps are using the most battery life and then decide whether or not you should remove the app. This will help you know what is draining your iPhone’s battery so you can then decide whether or not you should replace the battery.

Your Phone's Battery Takes a Long Time to Charge

The second sign that your iPhone may have battery issues is if it takes longer than usual to charge. You shouldn’t have to wait for much longer than an hour or two to get five to ten per cent of your battery life back under a normal situation. If you don’t get this much back in a shorter amount of time, then it may be time to look into a replacement.

Your Phone Shuts Down Unexpectedly

One of the most common signs that Apple suggests to look out for is when your iPhone just shuts down at random. Sometimes it happens when you use too many apps or take too many photos, but there are other times when it just happens out of nowhere. This is normally a sign that there is an issue with your battery, or your battery may be dying. You shouldn’t wait for this situation to get worse, so you should have it looked at right away so you can get your battery replaced.

Your Phone's Temperature is Unusually Hot

One problem that comes with a dying iPhone battery is that it can overheat. As the battery drains and loses its charge, it will begin to get hot to the touch. If you notice that your iPhone is getting hot, but you’re not using it very much, you should definitely look into getting a battery replacement as soon as possible.

Your Phone's Battery Gauge Shows Varying Levels

Your iPhone will also display your current battery life by using a gauge. It displays the red, yellow, and green lights around the battery icon to show how much battery you have left. If you see that the red light is on a lot and your battery is draining quickly, it may be time to look into a battery replacement.


If you notice any of these signs, you need to have your iPhone’s battery checked to make sure that you’re not causing more harm to it. It might already be time to replace your iPhone's battery. Don’t wait to see if the situation will resolve itself. It’ll only worsen and lead to a much longer wait for a replacement if you do wait.

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