How to Tell When You Need to Replace Your iPhone Battery


iPhones are famous for their simplicity, performance and their battery life, especially in the case of the iPhone 13. This is because iPhone 13 models are packed with bigger batteries. But even if this is the case, all batteries are still consumable and have a limited life span. They can still be degraded, and when that happens, you need to make sure that you replace them. 

With this in mind, how do you determine when it’s time to replace your iPhone battery? Here are five ways you can do so. 

1. Phone Gets Hot and Battery Life Is Getting Shorter

If you notice that the battery life of your phone is not the same as it used to be, it might be time to get a new one. As time passes, the capacity of the battery will continue to reduce.

Additionally, when your battery gets hot, the high temperature can be dangerous for you and for your phone. When this happens, replace it as soon as possible.

2. Phone Keeps Crashing and Restarting

When your iPhone suddenly restarts or keeps crashing while you are using it, it might be due to the battery. If your phone has had this problem for a long time, you can get the phone repaired and the battery replaced.

3. Phone Charges with Low Range

If you use your phone and notice that it only charges up to a certain point, this could be a sign that you need to replace your battery.

The iPhone battery comprises a pack of lithium-ion cells, and the capacity of each cell of the battery is different from each other. When the battery capacity gets lower, the battery discharges fast, which makes your phone, or any electronic device, get hot.

4. Phone Has Short Battery Duration

If you notice that the battery life of your phone takes too long to charge or it drains quickly, it’s a clear sign that you need to replace the battery. The older the battery becomes, the less efficient it will be. Change the battery if it takes more than 12 hours to charge. 

5. Phone Does Not Charge at All

There are several reasons why phones don’t charge. Two of the most common ones are that the charging cable is damaged or the battery has reached its limit. When you have confirmed the problem and replaced both but the phone still doesn’t charge, then the issue might be caused by a damaged charging port. In this case, you will need to have it inspected by a professional to make sure.  


Without a doubt, it’s very important to replace your iPhone battery if it needs to be replaced. So, if you notice that your iPhone is not charging, not working as it should, or is getting hot, then you need to replace your iPhone battery. Consult with your local iPhone service centre on how to proceed.

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