7 Essential Tips To Keep Your Phone From Overheating

7 Essential Tips To Keep Your Phone From Overheating

If you've ever had a smartphone, you've probably experienced overheating. It's a typical problem that becomes worse in the summer as the temperatures outdoors begin to rise.

Smartphones have to move things about to operate physically, thus generating heat; the amount of heat your smartphone produces is generally related to the amount of electricity travelling through it.

When this is paired with the intense summer sun, your phone may overheat quickly.

Let's take a look at ways you can keep your phone from overheating in the first place. Read on!

1. Keep Your Phone Away From Direct Sunlight

On a hot day, you'll want to hide in the shade to avoid the heat, and your phone is no different. Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight as much as possible, as the sun's glare might cause it to overheat quickly.

So, if you're at home, don't place it near a window; if you're at a picnic, tuck it beneath your blanket to keep it out of the sun.

Similarly, don't leave your smartphone in a vehicle, greenhouse, conservatory, or anywhere else that would naturally get hot on a sunny day.

2. Uninstall or Close Unused Apps

When you have many applications open simultaneously (including open web browser tabs), your phone works overtime, so get into the habit of shutting unnecessary apps regularly. Also, when charging your phone, close any programs that use a lot of graphics, such as games. 

3. Reduce the Brightness

The battery in your phone quickly drains when it is set to full brightness. 

Reduce the brightness of your phone, especially if you're using it outside. If you have trouble seeing the screen when the brightness is low, consider purchasing an anti-glare screen.

4. Remove the Phone Case

Remove the case if you're dealing with a hot phone. Your phone's metal design is designed to dissipate heat, and it can do so more effectively without an additional covering.

5. Charge Your Phone the Right Way

Charge your phone on a smooth, solid surface with a quality charger from your phone's maker or another trustworthy brand. Charging your phone on your sofa or bed will keep it from emitting heat while charging.

You may have heard that charging your smartphone overnight is harmful to the battery. However, this is a lie. Smartphones have built-in safeguards to avoid overcharging, so charging overnight is acceptable – as long as you charge your phone on a firm surface.

6. Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode

Airplane mode allows you to continue using basic phone features while turning off non-essentials that might drain your battery.

7. Don't Put an Overheating Phone in the Freezer

Rapid temperature changes are also harmful to your phone. Condensation is one explanation for this: when it's scorching, water is more likely to become trapped within your phone, producing issues. Turning off your phone and leaving it in a cool environment for a bit can allow it to restore to room temperature at a more natural rate.


Phones and tablets are intended to shut down at severe temperatures as a safety measure. You'll only have to wait for it to recuperate from the high temps before putting the advice above into action.

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