What Can You Do When You Cracked Your Phone Screen at Home

What Can You Do When You Cracked Your Phone Screen at Home

It’s that fearful moment when you see your phone flying in the air in slow motion. Your eyes fixated only on your phone and the next thing you know; it went straight into the ground, and you hear that breaking glass sound (it’s as if your heart broke at the same time!). When you drop your phone, you’ll see layers of glass and plastic but usually, you’ll find a cracked, chipped, or broken screen.  

But fixing a cracked phone screen has never been easier thanks to the right-and-repair movement, which gives us more options in mending a damaged screen. Therefore, there are a lot of DIY tips and video fixes, manufacturer-sponsored mail-in programs and even third-party repair shops, all available for you to choose from. So, to assist you on what you can do, here are the things you need to know when you crack your phone screen at home. 

Why Phone Screen Break Easily 

We all have been wondering as to why $1000 worth of phones can be easily damaged with just one drop or one blow. This is actually because of the compromise made in the engineering reality to create a desirable phone that consumers want. Simply put, with the maxed out, seamless displays, the slim edges, and the bezel-less screen glass, these all compromise the overall durability of your phone.

But aside from this, the science behind why your phone screens are easily damaged lies behind the elastic energy. Upon impact, a small amount of elastic energy is converted into another form of energy (acoustic energy which resounds as the breaking glass) but most of it is converted into two or more new surface energiesa major crack or many cracks. 

Therefore major phone brands such as Apple and Samsung have been innovating to create tougher kinds of glass that can absorb as much impact as possible.

How to Assess Your Phone Screen for Damage 

If you have a broken phone screen, the first thing you need to do is to assess the condition. Does it have light scratches, web-like crack patterns, or shattered chunks of glass missing? Assessing the condition can help you apply the proper repair for the specific cosmetic issue of your phone.

To properly assess the screen, you need to illuminate your phone under a good light and on a solid surface to see whether there are major or minor damages to it. In most cases, simple cracks wouldn’t still cause the screen to peel off from your phone and your phone is still properly functioning.

But for serious damages, you need to back up your data as quickly as possible (or you can always make sure that you back it up every single time) so that all your videos, documents, photos, and important files are saved in an online storage space in case your phone malfunction or dies. The best thing that you can do is to repair it.

What to Do When Your Phone Screen Cracked 

You have a lot of options when your screen already is cracked, chipped, or damaged. Here are some of your options: 

  1. Use Packing Tape - You need to keep the cracked phone screen from losing glass or even hurting your hands, so the best way is to temporarily cover it with packing tape.
  1. Replace the Screen Yourself - You can easily order online the new screen for your phone. But before you dive into DIY fix, you need to make sure that you are able to afford and properly replace the screen and incorporate the possible biometric sensors and the touch interaction.
  1. Call a Professional - A professional can always get the job done for you easily and correctly, without you worrying about replacing the screen by yourself. If you’re using an iPhone, you can go to a local Apple store or you can try out Apple’s new mail-in repairs program. The downfall of this option is they are expensive and you are usually left without your device for long periods of time. As for Android devices such as Samsung, there are repair shops that can accommodate phone screen repairs.


As much as you want to take care of our phones, you can’t avoid accidents that might lead to damage to our phones. Good thing that there are options to easily repair it yourself or have a professional fix it for you. 

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