Why Owning an iPhone 11 is an Upgrade

Why Owning an iPhone 11 is an Upgrade

It’s an open secret known by all that Apple has been secretly keeping its consumers in the dark about its latest smartphone products. This is because the later versions of the iPhone aren’t always the best products for your money’s worth. An example of this is when the iPhone 11 showed promise as a masterpiece of smartphone tech, even after the 12 and 13th iteration of iPhones came out.

With the release of the iPhone 13, many consumers are fighting to secure a purchase of the latest Apple product. However, we’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t fall in line with the hype. Instead, you should turn your eyes to refurbished iPhone 11 units.


What Makes the iPhone 11 So Great?

An iPhone 11 is packed with an A13 Processor supporting a wide and ultrawide lens. This makes its camera a compelling piece of hardware, capable enough to take DSLR-level pictures. Besides taking quality photos, you can also take videos supported with optical image stabilization. While it’s an LTE-only device, it’s still a decent purchase considering the price of other phones with similar features from other brands.


What are Refurbished Phones?

Refurbished phones come from minor product defects. When there are discrepancies in the unit’s performance, these items are returned within a few weeks or months. Apple customer care or authorized vendors can supply replacements as long as they’re still under warranty. The returned devices are sent to pre-approved repair shops for treatment.

The problems on a returned iPhone can vary, from software issues to faulty touch ID sensors. However, they can no longer be sold at full price once the problems on the product are diagnosed and fixed. Although the product is functioning properly, the phones are redistributed as Certified Refurbished iPhones with a limited 6 to 12 months of warranty.


Should You Buy a Refurbished Phone?

Although refurbished phones don’t have the stylish packaging of brand-new models, they’re still every bit as functional. Additionally, they’ve gone through a second check of software and hardware, so they’re typically less prone to performance issues. Listed below are three benefits of buying a refurbished phone:


  1. Lower price: Remember that buying a phone shouldn’t be your priority as a financial expense. For this reason, you shouldn’t spend too much on it when you can. Refurbished iPhones are typically much cheaper than their brand-new models. This is why it’s a great advantage to cut down on expenses while still getting a powerful device in return.
  2. Double-checked quality: Refurbished phones go through a second set of rigorous testing to confirm their initial complications. Its software and hardware are replaced, maintaining the internal parts with little to no issues.
  3. Environmentally friendly: Buying these refurbished products is a great way to minimize e-waste. Instead of disposing of these units, going through the upcycling process makes Apple an excellent contributor to lessening the environmental crisis’ effects.



Many consumers prefer to ride the latest trends in the tech industry. This is why VR systems and gaming consoles are hard to come by upon release. However, the latest product offers of a brand aren’t always the best they have to offer. Sometimes, a refurbished iPhone 11 can be a better purchase until the iPhone 13’s price gets a little bit lower.

If you already have an iPhone 11 on hand, you should count yourself lucky. Unfortunately, minor issues like screen damage may force you to buy a replacement phone immediately. Thankfully, we provide iPhone 11 pro max screen replacement tools for your convenience. Buy from our store today and get the most out of your phone's lifespan!

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