Should I Buy a Refurbished iPhone or a Brand New One?


There are two main options when purchasing an iPhone: buying a refurbished iPhone and buying a brand new one. Each choice has pros and cons. To help your decision-making process, we've outlined the features of both options.

In this article, let's take a look at various categories and compare the benefits of having a refurbished or a brand new iPhone.

Refurbished vs. Brand New

1) Budget

They say that one can have a lot of things in the world, but cannot indeed have everything. In this case, you can either have a new or a refurbished iPhone.

A brand new iPhone would obviously cost you more than a refurbished one.

Additionally, if you buy a refurbished and not a brand new phone, you wouldn't have to pay all the taxes, as you would when buying a new iPhone. Not to mention that all the materials and components used in the phone are generally brand new. So, overall, you can save a lot of money by choosing a refurbished iPhone over a brand new one.

2) Warranty

A refurbished iPhone provides a 12-month warranty, rather than the standard warranty provided by a brand new iPhone.

However, if you buy from the Apple Store, you'll still get the standard warranty rather than the 12-month warranty.

3) Phone History

If you buy a refurbished phone that has been damaged or dropped, you should check whether the phone has a problem. It is important that you inspect the phone and make sure it is in good condition. Get to know the history of the phone.

After all, if you buy a refurbished phone that has already been damaged or dropped, you'll have to pay to get it fixed or replaced.

Depending on what kind of damage it has, you may end up paying more than it would cost you to buy an entirely new one.

4) Contracts

When you buy a refurbished iPhone, you are likely to have a 2-year contract, rather than a 1-year or 18-month contract.

Therefore, if you don't want to be under a contractual obligation after a year or two of having a phone, you'd better buy a brand new one.

5) Hardware and Internal Specs

When it comes to hardware, both new and refurbished iPhones have the same specs.

However, there are slight differences when it comes to internal components like the camera, the processors, RAM, storage space, etc.

t's common for refurbished iPhones to have older models of processors, cameras and storage.

What Should I Choose?

When you're buying an iPhone, you should know that there are many phone shops out there to choose from.

You should be very careful about the kind of shop you choose because if you don't buy from the right place, you might end up with a refurbished iPhone that has been used or has been damaged or has a bad history.

As mentioned above, when you buy from a certified Apple service centre, you can get the same warranty as you would with a brand new iPhone.


When you're buying an iPhone, you should be clear about what kind of phone you want to buy and how you're going to use it. If you are going to just use the phone for social media, you might want to buy a refurbished one to save money.

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