How to Safely Remove Your iPhone 11 Pro Screen for Repair

iPhone 11

If you are dealing with a broken iPhone 11 Pro screen, it can be a real hassle. You may think it's time to get it repaired or replaced. Because of the delicacy of its materials, it is best to get it fixed right away.

In many cases, you need to have a full removal to fix your iPhone screen. It's recommended to have an actual technician do this for you if you're not experienced.

That said, you can use a repair kit to do it yourself if you want to save on labour costs. If you decide to DIY this process, you'll want to know how to safely remove your iPhone 11 Pro screen for repair. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Power Off Your iPhone

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your iPhone is fully powered down. Unplug it from any power source and turn it off. This will prevent any technical problems and shorts during the disassembly process.

2. Tape Down the Glass

Next, you should remove the two pentalobe screws at the bottom edge of your phone and then start checking for any cracks. Once you've assessed the damage, you'll want to remove any excess glass and start applying tape on the surface.

You'll want to apply enough tape in overlapping strips to cover the whole screen. Doing so ensures that no glass shards will get into the circuitry as you remove the screen. It also prevents further cracks from forming.

3. Soften the Adhesive

Once it's all taped up, you should apply some heat on the lower part of your iPhone to soften up the adhesive that keeps your display attached.

This just makes it easier to start prying up the edges later on. Use a heat gun or hairdryer and concentrate it on the edge of your phone for around two minutes to adequately soften the adhesive. Just make sure you don't go too long so that you don't fry up any components.

4. Apply an iSlack or Suction Cup on the Screen

With the adhesive softened, you can now put suction cups on your screen and back of the phone or use an iSlack to clamp on your phone and pry it open. You'll want to position it right so that it's centred and ready to open your device.

5. Put Pressure on the Screen

Now, you want to apply consistent and firm enough pressure on the screen to get the suctions fully attached to the screen. You want to keep this maintained so that you have room to start prying the screen up. Make sure you don't go too hard on the pressure at this point.

6. Use a Pick to Start Prying the Screen Up

You can now start removing the adhesive by inserting a pick through the corner of your phone and working your way around the edges. This should give you any space to have the screen lifted significantly. From here, you can pull it off to the point that it is dangling off the body.

7. Unscrew the Battery Connector Cover

Now, you should unscrew the back cover to fully remove the screen from the body. After removing the screen, you can reattach the battery connector cover to keep the device safe until a new screen is attached.


There you go! Now that you know how to remove your iPhone 11 Pro display safely, you can get it on its way to being fixed. With this knowledge, you can easily complete the whole iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement process yourself if you get the right tools and a new LCD screen. 

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