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PanzerGlass™ SPRAY Twice A Day 30 ml

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Spray Twice A Day is a cleaning solution for all types of tech screens such as cell phones and tablets. Successfully killing 99.999% of bacteria

SPRAY Twice A Day is based on water and contains only active ingredients commonly used in human hygiene and cosmetic products. It is free from perfumes, ammonia, toxics, alcohol and parabens. As no alcohol is included there is no risk that the oleophobic layer of the phones screen will be worn down.


SPRAY Twice A Day is very easy to use. Spray the cleaner directly onto the included cloth. Then wipe the screen with the cloth. 

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Car Holder

VentGrip Car Mount

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The latest in VentGrip technology. TechXS ultra-strong magnetic VentGrip Car Mount will keep your smartphone safe and secure across all-terrain. Features 360 degree rotation to suit your preference and a simple yet elegant design to adapt to your cars dash layout.


PureSound TWS Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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TechXS PureSound TWS Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Earbuds offers an immersive listening experience.  Enjoy easy listening for music, sports, work or travel. PureSound earbuds combine crisp sound quality, balanced bass and a level of comfort which allows you to focus your attention on the task at hand.  Say hello to the perfect everyday earbuds. 

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