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iPhone 11 Pro

Premium LCD Screen Replacement Repair Kit

$189.90 $209.90

Replace your phones screen without ever letting it go. No sending it away. No waiting in line. Our home-delivered screen repair kit for iPhone 11 Pro is designed by experts for beginners. Everything you’ll need to get the job done is right there in the box; including all parts and tools. Follow detailed installation instructions that make it easy to remove and replace your damaged screen, with professional results.


Manufactured using LCD display technology makes this a great, budget-friendly solution. Enjoy high resolution, high brightness and sensitive touch functionality.

iPhone 11 Pro

Premium LCD Replacement Screen

$159.90 $179.90

Where affordability meets quality, repair your damaged iPhone 11 Pro screen with a TechXS premium LCD replacement screen. Enjoy high resolution, high brightness and sensitive touch functionality. Manufactured using LCD display technology makes this a great, budget-friendly solution. This iPhone 11 replacement screen undergoes individual testing before being shipped. 

If you also need the tools for installation, check out our Home Repair Kit that comes complete with all the necessary parts and tools for the repair.

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iPhone X/XS/11 Pro

Case Friendly Tempered Glass Screen Protector


The BASE screen protector was designed to give your iPhone screen extra resilience against drops knocks and bumps by providing another layer of Tempered Glass technology between your screen and the outside world. The protector design is case friendly, to ensure it can be used with the most common iPhone case designs available.

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