About Us


TechXS is on a mission to empower people to use, repair and enjoy their smartphones on their own terms.

Our team of Australian product designers, industry experts and top tier manufacturers come together to create products that take the guesswork out of maintaining, repairing and using your mobile device.

Our Values

Sustainably Designed

TechXS is a sustainably conscious company, and proud of it. Our solutions encourage people to extend the lifespan of their devices rather than have them replaced, and our products and packaging are designed to have minimal environmental impact. Read more about the impact eWaste has on our environment.

Community Driven

With over 1,000 five star reviews and 10,000 customers, the TechXS community is quickly growing into an avid following base that love our products and service. Our customers continue to shape the way our products and support services are delivered, creating the best possible user experience along the way.

TechXS Home Repair Kits are the industries first reputable DIY solution for completing basic repairs on your iPhone

Our Origins,
by Our Founders

We’re Dean & Dion Bader, two brothers from the Gold Coast, Australia. From a young age we’ve worked in our family’s smartphone accessories and repairs business. In 2014, we began working on a project to make repairing a smartphone more accessible and convenient than it was at the time.

The smartphone industry is our family trade. As a result, we’ve experienced firsthand how frustrating getting a phone repair can be for customers. To begin with, your cherished device (the one you turn to 20 times an hour) is busted. And now you have to take time off work or even worse, use your weekend off time to get the device fixed.

And then there is the lack of trust factor. What do you really know about the person you are trusting your device with? Are they competent or are you running the risk they’ll damage your ‘precious’ even further? Will they be using quality parts or 3rd grade rubbish?

Suffice to say that we saw a yawning gap in the industry for a convenient and reliable service. In other words, we knew we could do better. Our first attempt at closing this gap was to drive to customers’ homes or businesses and complete the repairs onsite. However, we quickly learned that it was difficult to provide that service and quality componentry at an affordable price.

That was when the idea of a DIY home repair kit came to mind. We knew how to source the best quality parts and we knew we had the knowledge to make the process of replacing your own phone screen or battery a breeze for anyone who was willing to have a go.

That was the revelation that sparked the revolution - convenience and quality componentry at an affordable price. We’ve set about securing our supply chain with reputable manufacturers of high-quality parts, and spent countless hours refining and reworking the process to make sure it truly reflects our vision, that:

anyone can do it, with the right tools and little guidance from the experts!