Home button not working after installation?

Perform the following steps: 

1. Force reset (hold the lock button and home button simultaneously until the phone shuts down, continue holding both buttons until you see the apple symbol appear. If this does not fix the issue, then move onto Step 2

2. Unplug and re-plug the screen cables/disconnect your entire screen and re-connect to make sure all cables have been plugged in correctly


3. Try swapping the shield plate on your new Screen (pictured below) for the shield plate on your old Screen. To do this, follow the steps below:


  • Disconnect the Screen (following the steps used in the screen repair video/PDF)

  • Once the Screen has been removed, at the top remove the three screws holding the below shield plate in:



IMPORTANT: Ensure to keep the three screws in their correct positions as they are all different lengths.


  • Remove the Ear Speaker:



  • Remove the Front Camera module:




  • Remove the Shield Plate from your old screen to the new. There will be three screws either side of the plate and one screw on the bottom to remove (the three screws either side are all the same size so keeping them in their correct position does not matter. the single screw on the bottom is a different size so ensure to keep this screw separate).



  • The cable pictured below is adhered down, so using the Plastic Pry Tool, come from behind the Shield Plate, following the cable down to the adhered section, gently prying underneath it to free the cable from it's adhesive. (Below is an example of prying the cable from behind the Shield Plate).




Once all screws are removed and the cable is free from the adhesive, the Shield Plate is able to be removed and transferred over to the new replacement Screen


  • Re-apply the three screws either side and one bottom screw to secure the Shield Plate
  • Re-apply the Front Camera module from your old Screen to the new - to re-assemble the Front Camera follow the disassembly instructions in reverse order
  • Re-apply the Ear Speaker - to re-assemble the Ear Speaker follow the disassembly instructions in reverse order

IMPORTANT: Again, ensure to keep the three screws in their correct position


If the above steps have not fixed the problem then the home button has suffered user damage in its transition.

Contact us if you would like to purchase a replacement home button. This home button will have the 'return home' function, but will not have the fingerprint (Touch ID) functionality.