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There are two formats available to help you complete this repair: Video and PDF. The video format is recommended.

Use these guides, along with the contents of your TechXS EasyFix Kit to complete the replacement of your iPhone XS battery.

Be sure to review the 'Handling Tips' below prior to beginning if this is your first EasyFix DIY repair.

1.   Confirm your iPhone Model

Not sure which iPhone model you have? Visit this article to identify your iPhone model!

It's important to confirm your specific iPhone model to ensure the parts and guides you are using for your repair are compatible with your device. Visit the article above or contact our support team if you need a hand to find which iPhone model you have.

2.   Purchase EasyFix Kit

If you haven't already, now is your chance to purchase your iPhone XS EasyFix Repair Kit!

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TechXS iPhone 6 EasyFix Battery Repair Kit

3.   Backup your Device

Before any DIY repair on your iPhone it is recommended that you conduct the exercise of backing up the data that is stored on the device. Generally a repair will not erase any data you have stored, but it is best practice to complete this step as a safety measure if your data is important to you.

If you need help completing a backup of your iPhone, visit our how-to guide.

4.   Tools Checklist

Metal Pry Tool

Flat Head Screwdriver

Suction Cup

Triangle Pick

TechXS Magnetic Screw Guide

5.   Handling Tips

Health & Safety

It is recommended to take care while conducting your repair. Be aware that you are handling a flammable product in a lithium ion battery. Be careful not to puncture the battery. If they battery is punctured, be sure to dispose of it as quickly as possible. You may wish to take precautionary measures by wearing latex gloves and safety glasses.


The screws and components you will be removing during this repair are very small. It is important you conduct this repair in a well lit area, or with a light/side lamp over your workspace.

Magnetic Screw Guide

This custom magnetic screw guide is the secret to your success during this repair. During the instruction guide, each screw and component removed will be placed in its specified area on this mat. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully, as each screw is slightly different sizes and needs to be put back in the same spot it was removed.

Watch each step in full

Watch each step through at least once before trying it yourself. Don't rush the repair to keep up with the video. Use the pause feature (space bar on a computer), and rewind the video if you need clarification during installation.


If you open your device and you see the battery is swollen or warped upon inspection, It is recommended you seek the aid of a repair professional to remove the battery.

Be aware that you are handling a flammable product in a lithium ion battery. Be careful not to puncture or bend the battery and always wear safety equipment such as gloves and safety glasses during your repair.

6.   Access Repair Guides

1. Video Guide

2. PDF Guide

Click here to download PDF (written) guide.

Don't have a tablet or PC? Print this PDF document for hard copy instructions.

7.   Store your old Part for 30 days

We recommend storing your old part for up to 30 days after the repair is completed. A 30 day window will allow sufficient time to ensure your repair has been successful and the old part is no longer required.

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