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Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Karen Warren (Glen Waverley, AU)
Battery Replacement Brilliance!

Recently purchased a battery replacement kit for my iPhone… could not be more pleased. Excellent quality tools, instructional video was first class and I was amazed at how quickly and easily the replacement was done. My phone is virtually back to as good as new and I would highly, very highly recommend TechXS battery and replacement tools to anyone.
Absolutely brilliant ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, thanks!

Premium OLED Replacement Screen
Ian Whitehead (Melbourne, AU)
I Phone XS

the screen kit and the hard back protector and screen saver have all been fitted, d=id not have any issues installing just followed the TechXS video guide, all working correctly,great service and technical back from Tech XS

Excellent kit

Purchased to repair my daughter’s phone. Really impressed with the kit and step through video and printed instructions. Made a complicated task quite simple. Only tricky part was removing the Face ID part from the top of the old screen. Thought I’d torn it at one point because I couldn’t get the glue to let go. Put it together and working perfectly. She’s very happy.
Now o just need TechXS to start stocking Apple Watch series 1 screens so I can repair that too.

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Barry Carmichael (Brisbane, AU)
IPhone 7 battery replacement

Just completed a battery replacement as per instructions. The repair kit included everything required. It is not for the faint hearted but very doable. Only had one problem splitting the case but a quick google search showed another way. I would definitely use these repair packs again.

Premium Replacement LCD Screen / Pre-Assembled
Michael McCrostie (Brisbane, AU)
iPhone replacement screen 6s+

Great screen everything went back together perfectly. Very happy

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Peter Good (Sydney, AU)
I phone battery

Delivery on time and as promised, easy installation with instructions

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Robert Law (Perth, AU)
IPhone Battery repair kit.

Very surprised with the Quality of the tool kit. Excellent product, and Quality tools,
I will replace the battery tomorrow, but I'm sure it will be an easy fix,
Thanks, The post and Packaging was very good also.

Very very happy was easy to follow so glad I bought the battery and not needed a new phone. Delivery was on time highly recommend thanks heaps.

Premium Screen Replacement Repair Kit
Oleksandr Prybysh (Sydney, AU)
iPhone 6s screen replacement

The parts are of a high quality. Even the front camera gives you the same picture as the original one. Considering that apple do not sell spare parts, the product from TechXS is likely the best substitute that can be found on the market.

Belkin Universal Car Vent Mount
Michael McCrostie (Brisbane, AU)
Belkin Universal car vent mount

Universal car vent mount Works very well with my Nissan Navarra and phone sits snug with or without cover on my phone all in all very happy .thank you tech XS

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Michael Swain (Sydney, AU)
Very happy

Great solution to ageing iPhone > just change the battery!

So it should be. Thanks techxs. Great job

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Joseph Stratti (Sydney, AU)

The TechXS battery repair kit I used to replace my old iPhone 7 battery with worked well.All the tools needed to do the replacement myself were in the kit and fit my phone.The battery is charging up and holding charge like new.

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
shane blackman (Sydney, AU)
iPhone 6s battery

Excellent, was going to purchase a new phone as battery was constantly going flat, thought I’d give these a go as it wasn’t to expensive.
Easy to follow instructions, just wear classes !

Premium Screen Replacement Repair Kit
Rod Soulsby (Perth, AU)
New 6s Screen

Techxs supplied everything I needed to replace my screen. An easy to follow video was a great help for someone not familiar with the replacement of a new screen.

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Chris (Brisbane, AU)
Simple and works like new

My iphone 6 had major battery issues...needing to be charged several times a day...I really didn't want to stump up the cash for a new phone, after all the phone works fine for my usage, just needed to sort out the battery issue. Anyhow, found this service online, order the battery Sunday night and arrived Tuesday. Really impressive packaging and tools, then I just followed the video tutorial online, this goes for around 13 mins or so. Done. It was easy because the tools provided are really good and specific. I have had the battery in for a few weeks and it works like new. From my point of view and experience it was a good choice.

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Peter Kirkham (Brisbane, AU)
iPhone 8 Battery replacement kit

This is an excellent product. It has been well thought out & put together in a way that most people will be able to perform the task easily. The video gives a great insight into the procedure required to perform the task.

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
peter bennett (Sydney, AU)
Excellent battery replacement kit

This is the second time I have used the techxs kit. It is beautifully set out and pretty well foolproof which is important for me. Important to place the new battery well as it can't be adjusted after sticking - watching the video before installing makes it all very clear. A great product.

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Robin Young (Adelaide, AU)
iPhone 6 battery

I have just completed putting the new battery in. It was easy to get the old one out and new one in except doing the screws in due to my age and large hands. My wife took over and it was completed easily.
Great product!

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Alex Leaver (Northmead, AU)
Past expectations

Im just a guy trying to not spend $2k on a new iphone, bought this pack and was genuinely amazed at the context. Came with every tool needed (screw drivers, suction cup, plastic pry tools, magnetic tray to not lose any screws and parts) and i did a search for techxs iphone 8plus battery and they had a easy guided video. 10/10 great product. Battery is also correct mAh, i now only charge every second day, used to not even make it to the afternoon from 100% in morning. Now i used roughly 50% a day at most.

Premium Screen Replacement Repair Kit
Stephen Robinson (Hobart, AU)
Quality Tools

Good quality tools supplied with replacement screen kit. Instructions explain how to replace screen clearly show/explain the process, however patients need as well as a magnetic mat a must have as easy to misplace/ the small screws.

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Customer (Melbourne, AU)
Replacement battery

My phone is working perfectly with my replacement battery

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Andre Snyman (Adelaide, AU)
iPhone 6 Battery Replacement

So wonderfully easy to use. Great explanations!!

Premium Screen Replacement Repair Kit
Andre Snyman (Adelaide, AU)
iPhone 6 New Screen

Brilliant product and the instructions were impeccable!!

High Quality Replacement Battery
Leo O'Connor (Sydney, AU)
Great Kit

Great kit works well

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
patrice pollock (Sydney, AU)

great service