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iPHONE 8: Issues with Front Camera / Proximity Sensor / Ambient Light Sensor after screen installation

This troubleshooting guide will explore possible issues you may be experiencing with the front camera, proximity sensor, ear speaker or ambient light sensor (auto-brightness)  after the installation of your new iPhone 8 Screen.

Our D-I-Y repair iPhone screens come with the above listed hardware pre-installed onto the screen by our warehouse Technicians. These modules are installed in an effort to reduce both the complexity of the repair as well as the time taken to complete it.

If you are having trouble with any of the below listed functions after the installation of your new TechXS iPhone screen, these pre-installed modules (called the 'Front Camera Module' and 'Ear Speaker Module') may be the cause:

  1. Front Camera function
  2. Proximity Sensor function (locking the screen while you speak on the phone)
  3. Ambient Light Sensor function (auto-brightness feature)
  4. Front facing microphone
  5. Ear Speaker function (Note: also replace the Ear Speaker Module)

This guide has been created to instruct how to replace the Front Camera Module without too much trouble. It provides the steps to replacing the pre-installed module with the module from your existing screen.

Replacing the Front Camera Module

Step 1

First, complete steps 1-6 of the Screen Repair Guide to disconnect your screen. Note you do not need to remove your home button at all during this repair.

Step 2
Next, replace the Front Camera Module using our 3 minute step-by-step video guide below.

Note you are using this guide to remove the Front Camera Module from your old screen, and replace it with the module installed on the new TechXS screen.

If you are using this guide to address issues with the Ear Speaker function, also replace this module at the same time.


Step 3
Finally, follow steps 8-10 (10:36) of the Screen Repair Guide to re-connect your new screen.

Once the new Front Camera Module is installed and you have powered on the device, try testing the function to see if it has fixed your problem. 

Please note that this component is covered under your TechXS Warranty. If you would prefer to receive an exchange please let our support team know.

If any issues persist after you have replaced the Front Camera or Ear Speaker Modules, please contact our support team to continue to troubleshoot the problem.

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Very impressed with the concept and the full repair kit. Easy to follow video. Completed the task in 40 minutes, no hiccups. Works perfectly

Beautiful kit, clear instructions for screen replacement

I used the iPhone kit to replace screen on iPhone 6. Instructions were clear, and the screen looks great. Whole process was very satisfying.

Fast service.

Totally impressed with fast service. Kit was great. New batterie installed easily. Hardest part was removing old battery from its adhesive.

Great product and easy repair

The product arrived as advertised, containing everything needed. The instructional video on the company's Youtube channel was concise and accurate, allowing me to successfully replace the battery.

Reliable and consistent

As usual smooth sale, great quality, produce easy to order, timely delivery, great support and my phone is back to new.