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TechXS 9H ARMOUR Tempered Glass for iPHONE 8 - Black Colour
TechXS 9H ARMOUR Tempered Glass for iPHONE 8 - White Colour
2.5D Coverage
3D Touch
Case Friendly
Product image 1TechXS 9H ARMOUR Tempered Glass for iPHONE 8 - Black Colour
Product image 2TechXS 9H ARMOUR Tempered Glass for iPHONE 8 - White Colour
Product image 32.5D Coverage
Product image 43D Touch
Product image 5Case Friendly

9H ARMOUR Tempered Glass for iPHONE 8

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The latest in tempered glass technology, this full coverage protector will give your screen an extra life against drops and knocks.

Product Description

Made of chemically processed tempered glass, enjoy excellent window display, high sensitivity and comfortable touch. The anti-fingerprint oil coating helps to reduce spots and fingerprints on the screen. Uses an advanced silicone adhesion, for easy application and improved longevity.
Suitable for models iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.
Not suitable for models iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus
    What's included
    1. Premium glass protector
    2. Wet and dry cleaning cloths
    3. Dust absorbing stickers
      Installation in 3 Easy Steps

      Thoroughly clean the phone screen with the wet, then the dry wipes. Use the dust absorbing stickers to remove dust particles from the phone screen.
      Remove #1 adhesive film from glass protector while the glass is face down to ensure no dust falls onto the adhesive.
      Align carefully and apply to screen. Lift slightly and use dust stickers to remove any particles trapped underneath.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      9H Armour Tempered Glass
      A good as ever
      Great finish
      Would not leave home without it
      Replacement screen and protection screen
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      933 reviews
      Prompt Support and action

      I replace iPhone screens and batteries for iPhone owners and this is the first time I have used TECHXS. The screen was outstanding colour, brightness and touch response compared to the original screen, I am impressed. Unfortunately my screen may have been slightly damaged in transit or during packing so TECHXS responded to my report and photo and immediately dispatched a replacement screen which turned out perfectly in order and operates beautifully. Thanks for the no hassle warranty support and the speedy replacement time.

      New life for my dying battery

      Amazing. Great instructions. New life for my old phone. So happy with this purchase!

      IPhone 7 review

      I’m not tech savy at all , took me a couple of hours. I had problem with home button screw, had to bend plate to get it out. I got knew screen in , working like normal.

      Great product. Battery is working very well

      Great product. Battery is working very well. Just take your time and follow the instructions, easy as.

      Iphone 6 battery

      Quick delivery , excellent installation instruction.