iPhone 6

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What this fixes
  • No Power
  • Poor battery life
What's in the box

1 x High Quality Replacement Battery for iPhone 6

1 x Stretch Release Adhesive Strips

1 x TechXS Precision Repair Toolkit including:


  • TechXS' Custom Magnetic Screw Guide
  • 0.8mm Pentalobe Screwdriver
  • 1.5mm Phillips Screwdriver
  • 0.6mm Y000 Tri-Point Screwdriver
  • 2.5mm Flathead Screwdriver
  • ESD-Safe Angled Precision Tweezers
  • 120mm Plastic Pry Tool
  • Anti-Static Brush Tool
  • Rotating Screen Holder
  • Ultra-thin Steel Opening Tool
  • 2 x Plastic Opening Tools
  • Large Suction Cup

This product has been designed to follow along with our verified installation process for completing a battery replacement to repair your iPhone 6. Access beginner friendly, step-by-step instructions that have been designed by industry experts and used by thousands of first time fixers. Available in both video and written formats. Instructions can be printed or watched on any internet connected device.


This product is compatible with the following iPhone models:

  • A1549
  • A1586
  • A1589

For help with how to identify your iPhone model number, visit this help article

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This product is backed by TechXS Australia's 12 Month Warranty Policy.

All tools included with this product are considered consumables and subject to general wear and tear considerations.

iPhone 6

Battery Replacement Repair Kit

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Replace your phones battery without ever letting it go. No sending it away. No waiting in line. Our home-delivered battery repair kit for iPhone 6 is designed by experts for beginners. Everything you’ll need to get the job done is right there in the box; including all parts and tools. Follow detailed installation instructions that make it easy to remove and replace your failing battery, with professional results.

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Premium Replacement LCD Screen / Pre-Assembled

Battery Replacement Repair Kit






Get the power back in your hands

New battery, new phone. We made refreshing your battery life easy.

Notice the results

Refreshing your old battery with a new one is often like buying a new phone. But if you want optimum performance, you need an optimum part. TechXS batteries are individually tested to ensure they meet our strict quality guidelines.

We’re with you, every step of the way.

Our installation instructions have been created and refined by industry experts to walk you through the professional process from start to finish. Available in a variety of accessible written and video formats, our unique instructions will guide you to the finish line, no matter your skill level.

We’ve thought inside the box.

Our battery repair kits are designed by experts for beginners, and everything you’ll need to get the job done is right there in the box. We’re making it easy to remove and replace your failing battery, with professional results.

Quality equipment for quality results.

If you want a professional finish, you need professional tools. Our Precision Repair Toolkit includes gold standard screwdrivers and handling tools, as well as a magnetic screw guide to ensure you don’t lose any of the screws and plates you remove.

Access tech support if you need it.

We’re the only home iPhone repair business that offers a support service. Got questions? Our trained team is there to help.

Warranted peace of mind.

Our home repair kits are backed by industry-leading warranties, ensuring that the product you receive meets the high standards you expect.

easy to use

Our verified repairprocess has been refinedover years to be assimple as possible, andaccessible for beginnersand tech-tinkerers alike.

highest quality

We have partnered with the best industry manufacturers to bring you parts you can trust, and backed them with industry leading warranties.

fairest price

By cutting out the middle man and doing basic repairs yourself, you can a ord a premium repair without breaking the bank.

sustainably conscious

Extend your phone’s lifespan instead of buying new. TechXS products are designed and packaged to help tackle the negative impact of electronic waste on our environment.

diy, wherever

Use our home delivered kits to fix your phone without ever letting it go, in as little as 20 minutes. No sending it away. No waiting in line.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I actually repair my own iPhone?

Armed with a TechXS Home Repair Kit, you have no better chance at success. Purposely designed to suit people with no technical background, our process has been verified by thousands of first-time users who have successfully fixed their own phones.

What else do I need for the repair?

Nothing. Our Home Repair Kit comes complete with everything you will need to complete your repair.

What model iPhone do I have?

You can find your iPhone model number by looking in the settings of your phone. Visit Settings > General > About, then *tap* the model number. There will be a number in the format "A1234". Match that to the numbers described on our product page to find out which iPhone model you own. For more information, visit this help article.

Is the battery included high quality?

All of TechXS' high quality iPhone batteries undergo individual testing to meet our high quality control standards. All batteries have the same capacity (mAh) as the original part, and are IE 62133 certified per Australian requirements.

Will I void my manufacturer’s warranty by doing the repair myself?

In Australia, if a product is faulty, customers are legally entitled to a repair or replacement under Australian Consumer Law, and sometimes even a refund. This warranty supplied with a product is not void if a third party, including you personally, repairs the device. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) made this stance clear in the case of Apple’s misleading representations to its customers.

Why choose TechXS’ Home Repair Kit solution?

TechXS products are crafted by Australian repair technicians and industry experts. We’ve considered and addressed every frustration in the DIY phone repair process. This is not your average drop-shipped product that leaves you picking up the pieces. From part quality, to a simplified installation process and access to technical support, our solution allows peace of mind all in the one small box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 474 reviews
John Riley (Melbourne, AU)
iPhone 6s Battery Replacement

An excellent kit with first class instructions made the job easy , even for a first timer. The new battery has sure sorted out the problems I was having with my iPhone 6S

BB (Northcote, AU)
iPhone 6 Battery replacement

Easy to pick out online, arrived and it was exactly as described. Loved the ‘whole kit’ approach with the tools and everything laid out precisely. Good support through the online repair video using ‘follow along’ style.
Everything worked great and I’m back up and running.
Would shop here again if needed.

Adrian Gibson (Perth, AU)
6S battery

Bought battery replacement kit and new screen. Replaced both at same time. Was done quite easily and the videos were very good. No issues and all working well

Michaela Smith (Thornbury, AU)
Difficult but doable

The video process made it look extremely easy to change my phone battery. I had issues every step of the way. The first tool to take out the star shaped screws on the outside of the phone stripped immediately and I had to file the end and eventually got it to work. My iPhone was thoroughly glued shut and it was hard to know the right amount of pressure when opening the phone, I definitely thought I would break the screen. Now I’ve done it once I would be confident to do it again, but I did not enjoy the process at all. Battery works well.

GLENN (Brisbane, AU)
Replacement iPhone battery kit

Arrived quickly, good quality tools, battery surpasses eBay battery quality, easy to replace